Hormonal Imbalances Leading to Hair Loss

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Women are often heard shouting and complaining about continuous thinning of hair. Ever stopped for a second and thought about what can be the major cause of hair thinning and hair loss problems in women? Researchers and hair experts have long been blaming hormones for all the major hair problems faced by women. Most of Read More

6 Tips To Maintain A Proper Teacher-Student Relationship

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A relationship between a teacher and a student is extremely crucial, especially when you are in college. In schools, it might be different and awkward to walk up to an instructor and discuss your family problems, but in a college, an educator can be your best friend, he can be your guide and suggest things Read More

Why Should I Render My Exterior Wall?

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Why should I render my exterior wall? Turning a shabby and tired looking home into a smooth 5* looking showpiece can only be transformed through rendering. Rendering acts as a facelift for the house, adding a touch of glow so that the house stands out from the rest– which ideally everyone wants! That’s one of Read More

How DIYguru is planning to enter into $8 Billion Education technology Industry?

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DIYguru, India’s first DIY Learning Platform is planning to enter into $8 Billion Education technology Industry. DIYguru provides Maker’s skill-based online training courses in the field of Automobile, Aerospace, Drones & Robotics. It also specializes in mentoring youth generation. With AICTE introducing 3D Printing & IoT courses in curriculums, Indian traditional educational system is adapting to modern Read More

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

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Having all the stresses and worries of decorating taken off your hands, what more could you want? Decorators truly serve a purpose for everyone. Whether you have absolutely no idea where you’re going to begin, or what color schemes you want in your home, hiring an interior designer will be your first choice made easy. Read More

The Importance Of Document Shredding

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Document shredding is so important nowadays, especially for confidential waste such as legal documentation or someone’s medical records. It is of high importance that any business, no matter whether they are big or small ensure that they are shredding documents with confidential information on a regular basis. Any business or company that offers a service Read More

Advantages Of Real Wood Cabinets

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Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in your home. It is normally the busiest room, where your family can take a break from their busy lives. Debating what type of design to go with for your new wood cabinets? This is a question most people are faced with when having a new kitchen Read More

Questions To Guide You When Hiring Telehandlers

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It is expensive to buy a telehandler and that is why companies prefer to hire them. However, you need to ask the hiring company some questions just to make sure that they give you the best telehandler depending on your requirements and needs. Since there are different makes and models of telehandlers, research to find Read More


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EXCLUSIVELY TRIBAL UNIVERSITY, KISS It is a matter of great pride for Odisha and India as KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences) on Saturday became the first exclusively tribal university in the world. It, which was found in 1992-93 with only 125 students, was granted the University status by Union HRD minister on 26th of Read More