How to be a budget-savvy fashionista?

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We don’t always need to spend a hefty amount to dress up like a fashionista. If we are smart enough we can shop some really breathtaking stuff and look like a fashionista every day because mostly in colleges or in a student life we got to keep our fashion game and also our budget in check.

be a fashionista

Here is how to be a fashionista without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Make the most out of sales season.

There is no need to pick up a dress by paying several thousand bucks when you can get them at a discount. In fact, it’s a good idea to pick up more stuff if the deal seems fair.

  • Use coupons.

There are several coupons available online that would enlighten your day.

  • Look for your favorite blogger’s closets.

closets of bloggers

  • Prefer quality over quantity.

It’s very natural for all of us to get tempted to purchase as much as we can. So, be a wise shopper.

  • Be a mix and match queen.

Don’t hesitate to try out new combinations. You never know what suits you best until you do the experiments.

Have a beautiful, small and comprehensive collection of pieces of jewelry. Nothing would rock your plain black dress more than silver and chic jewelry.

  • Pick up the right size.

Never go for oversized t-shirts if you are chubby. It would only make you heavier than you actually are. In fact, picking up the size that completely drapes over your body can make you look thinner. If you have a curvy waist, it would highlight those curves. Never compromise on your size. Go for the alterations in your nearby tailor and do the good work.

right sized clothes

We don’t have to be extravagant to be fabulous. There are online websites which are worth your every penny. You just have to be a pro in exploring.

low budget fashionista

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