Mann Ki Baat: Modi Talks about GST

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PM Modi talked about the New Tax Reform System. He greets everyone with saying, “It’s a human nature to love Rainy Season; heavy rains made us realize water’s destructive power. Nature nurtures but can be destructive too”.
The main concentration in his speech was on GST; he mostly talked about and said all about GST, what will be the future effects, moreover the benefits of this tax reform system.

He said that GST had made the articles of need cheaper than before. The customer’s faith will increase to traders. He addressed GST as a positive impact on society and economy.

Though Modi said that it is an easy method, therefore it will take the time to revolve around. People are adopting it sooner but still facing many problems. In future, India can be a role model in the GST system. He was happy that the new tax reform system has taken a new place in the market and accepted by people.

PM Modi

GST can further be introduced into the books all over the world and for every single government, it is compulsory to help poor and make them understand about GST. All information can be seen in GST app, therefore, it would be easy to understand. The dream of One Nation And One Tax System has been seen by PM Modi, therefore, it is fulfilled.
He congratulated all ministries, departments, and officials of State and Central Government, the most important he thanked all his countrymen for the achievement of this Tax reform system.
PM Modi addressed August as the historic month. He memorized all the movements, which took place in historical time for the month of August.

Mann Ki Baat

He mentioned all the festive greetings and also talked about the importance of festive season. He mentioned about the Women’s achievement in cricket and thanked all the countrymen for the full support. He reminded of the Kranti Diwas and Independence Day.

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Mann ki Baat: PM Modi
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Mann ki Baat: PM Modi
PM Modi Mann ki Baat, he talked about GST addresses in his speech about the women's empowerment and our cricket team.PM Modi memorize about the Kranti Diwas and Independence Day.
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