Problems Itself Have It’s Solution

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We all have some problems of our life; we never generate them. We only react against them, and our reaction only proves what we are up to and how challenging we are, when we walk through roads, we choose either right or left, the same procedure we apply to our lives when we, either we choose to fight with it, or we just give up on it. The psychologist says it “Fight for Flight Response.” And we never see the fact which is exactly the solution of that problem, we never look after it, the problems are diplomatic, but still we have to find exactly what the problem is? We have to find the root of that problem.

Stressed Mind

Problems we had been not really being our problems, but they are a situation and that too arises because of some reason, they arise to challenge us. Don’t fight for them, don’t give up just wake up. Problems we face are a part of our life, or we can say they are just a reason to live for. They make our life challenging and that’s what life is, without problems our life will be boring. Basically, it gives up the strength and makes us strong. In addition, problems are not different they have their own sub parts which we have to resolve. 


They had a wide range, and different people suffer from different parts the problem, we can’t judge them with that, because there may be some reason. And the basic reason for all these problems is, our ego. If you want to live peacefully with a bliss of life, you have to work on your ego, keep aside the ego and think with a peaceful mind. Think straight towards your life and you’ll finally find the way. Live life and make life. Don’t be an enemy of your life, make it your best friend.

Problems Itself Have Solution
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Problems Itself Have Solution
Its all about life stress and disturbance. All we have to keep is patience for each and every problem there is a solution and we just need a patienceful to see that way.
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