Dark Night – An Erotic Love Story

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‘Dark Night’ is Sandeep Nayyar’s second novel. His first novel ‘Samarsiddha’ a historical fiction, and its English translation The Dawn at Dusk, have been quite popular among Indian readers. This time with Dark Night Sandeep has brought an erotic love story set in London. Though the story is set in London its characters are mostly Indians and hence the Indian readers who don’t know London well can also easily relate to the story and its characters.

By the book cover and by the title ‘Dark Night’, at the first sight it sounds like a dark story but reading through the book readers would find it very interesting and juicy story. The story is about a young boy Kabir. At the young age of fifteen Kabir is taken by his parents from a small-town Vadodara in India to London. The adolescent mind of Kabir is brimmed with fantasies of having romance and making love with young girls. In the uninhibited climate of London, his fantasies find many expressions in the form of love with young girls like Hikma and Neha and attraction to the charms of Teena and Lucy. But introvert Kabir finds it difficult to express his love to young girls and that brings him to a state of mind that the writer has called ‘Dark Night’, a mental and spiritual crisis.

The book’s genre is erotic romance and hence the readers would find plenty of scenes of erotic lovemaking in the book. At times, it feels as if the scenes are reaching in the sphere of obscenity but the story is so gripping that it keeps the readers engrossed and spellbound.

Dark night
Cover design of Dark Night

Kabir’s introvert nature, his young fantasies, his complexes and his squirm to find the real meaning of beauty and love is well portrayed through his character. His lady loves Priya and Maya are rather stronger characters and mostly dominate Kabir’s character in the book. At the end, it feels like a story of female beauty conquering and ruling a man’s heart, but at the same time reveals to the reader the true meaning of beauty and love.

In the preface of the book the writer mentions these famous lines from the British poet John Keats, ‘” Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all you know on earth and all you need to know.” After reading the book you will truly get convinced by these lines.

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