Lucknow Central movie reviews: Fascinating Tale of Dreamers and Fighters

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Lucknow central: MOVIE

Releasing Date: 15 September 2017.
Director: Ranjeet tiwari
Producer: Nikhil advani
Cast: Farhan aktar, Diana penty, Gippy grewal, deepak dobriyal, Innamulahq, Rajesh sharma & Ronit Roy.

Story: Band Banega YA bajega?

Lucknow central : Diana penty ,farhan aktar, Gippy,
Lucknow central – Dream Big & Fight for your rights

Bollywood has its fair share of new corners and mentors there is a deep sense of heritage that runs beneath. Actor Farhan Akhtar (Kishen Mohan Girhotra)- The fact also remains that you just cannot take your eyes off from his character even for a single moment. Kishen is a young man who lives in Uttar Pradesh. Initially, states “his dream was to make a band in Delhi” he would record his song and also dreams poster of his own band “His dad states that “we small town people shouldn’t dare to dream big”. Kishen response “Dad, the towns may be small but dreams have no limit

One portentous day, Kishen makes a sample of his recordings in order to hand it over to the topmost singer –Manoj Tiwari. Out of the blue one day, Kishen gets accused of murdering the local minister. He tries to prove himself as Innocent and awaiting the High Court’s Notice, lawyers declared this high-profile case should be Penalty as a death. “TO BE HUNG”
Which lands him in Lucknow Central.

Kishen during his time in the jail he was still planning on how to form his dream. On the occasion of Independence Day, the minister decides to have an inter-jail music competition. Raja Shrivastava (Ronit Roy )was against Kishen, the competition has just begun. One fateful day -NGO activist Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty) “Fights for Rights” played a spectacular role where she helped and gained the confidence of Kishen.

Lucknow central : Band or freedom
Lucknow central: Band or Freedom


The government also changes after every five years this is a jail.
– Farhan Akhtar (Kishen)

Kishen dream of forming A band, giving him ample of support are the stupendous foursome Gippy Grewal(Parminder Singh Trehan),
Deepak Dobriyal (Victor Chattopadhyay), Rajesh Sharma (Purushottam Madan Pandit), and Innamulhaq (Dikkat Ansari) convincing them to join the band.The dramatic fictional of Lucknow central describes how Kishen’s progresses his life in jail and how music becomes the strength of not only his journey but the rest of the band’s as well –“Good luck ka time Ayega”

Lucknow central: Last word

Also, stamp your feet to every beat of all their songs. So are you hooked to watch, For all those who have not yet seen the trailer we are sure that you will take an instant liking Lucknow central for its innovative script and screenplay?

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