Have We Finally Come Any Closer to Finding a Cure for the HIV virus?

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That is the question that goes through everyone’s the mind as they read the article about the recent experiment against HIV virus is performed. The research shows that human body is not efficient in the formation of antibodies that have the ability to counteract the HIV virus cells. However, after a study, some two hundred plus antibodies have been chronicled, a development which doctors hope may help not only cure but also prevent HIV. Following this, a trial, held by the US Military HIV Research Program, in Thailand was conducted on those persons who controlled their infection using their prescribed medication.

hiv virus cure

The antibody which was infused in the body of the HIV infected persons was given the code name VRC01. It was found that in those who were not given the antibody, the virus returned in the average of fourteen days. In those who received the infusion of the antibody, it was seen that the virus came back in the average duration of twenty-six days.

However, there was an exception.

The patient, according to Dr. Jintanat Ananworanich, who is a scientist at MHRP and one of those who conducted this trial, has not been given any treatment for the past ten months and tests show that the antibody has restrained the HIV virus to exceptionally low levels. The study shows that these antibodies not only attack the HIV infected cells but also train the immunity system of the human body. It also shows that the HIV virus is so difficult to treat as it keeps on metamorphosing continuously.  According to doctors and scientists, there is future hope for the use of antibodies as a cure or a preventive treatment against HIV as they say that the HIV diagnosed persons could lead normal lives with only two or three infusions every year.

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