Hartal: A Camouflaged Bandh

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Recently in the state of Kerala, the High Court dismisses the appeal of the State government. A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court entitles the recurring hartals ‘A phenomenon to be watched, and worried about’. They point it out as a camouflaged bandh. They had been observing the failure of the state government to restrain those who held the public to redemption in the name of hartals. This failure of the Government has been amounting to a blameworthy omission of its responsibility to protect the citizens.

What is a Hartal?

It would not be erroneous to define the hartal as a nightmare for many or almost all. Once a hartal is called, everyone suffers no matter what his or her profession is. Bankers, vendors, shopkeepers, bakers, students, barber, butcher and all others have to go through a high state of inconvenience. Apart from the public, the economy, the system and most importantly the image of the state suffers. Not a man moves and not even a vehicle runs.

If anybody came out of their houses and opened the shops, thereby disregarding the orders of the demagogues then it creates much chaos. Violence and destruction are the never-failing consequences of disobedience.Supporters of a strike "camouflaged bandh" creating discomfort for general public

State Government’s Appeal

The observations were made by the bench while dismissing the appeal of the State Government. It was filed against a single bench directive on imposing a compensation of ₹7 Lakh. It was for the driver losing his right eyesight in a stone-pelting incident during a general strike on July 5, 2005. The bench says that “It goes without saying that the State ought to, as a matter of primary responsibility, protect the lives of the citizens”. It was a highly illegal matter. The Division Bench headed by Acting Chief Justice Antony Dominic points out that hartal was “a camouflaged bandh banned long back”. By saying this, he means that a hartal or a strike is no less than a Bandh.

LDF Strike

LDF stands for Left Democratic Front. According to a writ petition filed by Chandra Bose of Kochi, the Left Democratic Front trade unions created discomfort by calling a general strike from the midnight of July 4 to the midnight of July 5, 2005. While he was driving a mini lorry owned by his employer from Kannur to Kozhikode, the supporters of the strike started attacking his vehicle with stones. Hurting his right eye in the incident, he lost his eyesight. After this mishappening, Chandra Bose supposed that it is his right to report against such an act and demand justice from the court. He received the compensation on the ground that the injury had disabled him from undertaking any employment.    A still from the strike in Kerala

Mentioning the State general secretary, CITU, and the LDF convener,as the other respondents. The single judge asks the State Government for recovering 75% of the compensation from them.

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