JEE Advanced to go online soon due to errors in 2017

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JEE Advanced to go online soon due to errors in 2017.

JEE advanced exam online in 2018
JEE advanced exam soon to be held online because of errors in 2017 paper

It was recently announced by the IIT admission board that the JEE Advanced will go online from 2018. The errors reported in the papers of 2017 prompted the officials to make this decision.

Many officials reported that this online test will surely help in negating the mistakes that happen when the papers are offline. This year the students got a bonus of 18 marks because of the translation and printing mistakes that were present in the 2017 paper.

JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced (IIT – JEE)

The officials were contented with their decision because it will give a chance to improve the accuracy of the paper. However, students will have a chance to choose between the offline and online mode in JEE mains.

It was reported that the students who gave JEE advanced last year were more than 1.5 lacs. Last year, students appealed to the Supreme Court and it was then when they directed the Joint Admission Board to give them a bonus of 18 marks. They also ensured that they would develop some kind of phenomenon to ensure that these things don’t occur.

The director of the Joint Admission Board (JAB) said that with the online process, the cost of printing would be negligible and because of the accuracy of the online process, they would be able to declare the results sooner.

Ramamurthy, the chairman of JAB also said that because of the offline method, students were unable to change their answers.  With the online method coming into play, students will be able to change their answers as many times as they want.

However, the officials of JAB were not sure if they would be able to provide a large number of computers for this. But considering the pros of the online mode, they would definitely find a way to ensure that it happens in 2018.