Recovery from a rare disease Moyamoya

8 months ago Global Daily Tribune . 0

Moyamoya is a rare disease in which certain arteries in the brain are constricted. Blood flow in the brain is also blocked due to constriction and blood clotting also takes place. World Moyamoya Day is celebrated on 6th May.

The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) successfully treated a 27-year young man from this rare disease “Moyamoya” and his vision is also back.


The case of this young man in Kolkata was lead by the senior doctor who is a Neuro-surgeon at CMRI Dr. Rudrajit Kanjilal and he said that “it is a rare disease and earlier this disease was considered incurable”. But this operation has got successful and they are happy to save a life of a young.

Some days ago, the patient was admitted to various hospitals and then only it was being recognized that he is suffering from disease Moyamoya and the patient was blind. The patient had a medical setback of limb paralysis as well as he was also suffering from the chronic bursting headache like a migraine which made him blind. The patient was also suffering from diabetes and was hypertensive.


He was so young, that is the reason the doctors decided to go for the surgery and the only way to save the patient was surgical revascularization. The choice of surgical procedure was EDAMS and this was the one kind of operation which was going to hold for the first time at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI).

As the patient was prior to blindness, the doctors did not want to go for the operation but with the consent of the family members of the patient, the doctors went ahead for the operation. EDAMS process was adopted on the patient and he responded well. The whole surgery took 3 hours and finally the operation of the 27-year young man was successful and he also got his vision back!