India cuts its expenses towards US lobbying

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India spends less on lobbying with the US since  Indian government has cut its expenses towards lobbying in the U.S. to its registered lobbyist firm in the second quarter of 2017  with a sum payment of 1,20,000 dollars. Down from the usual 1,80,000, dollars in the first cut in just about seven years. The disclosure has been prepared by BGR Government Affairs, which lobbied on behalf of India on subjects connecting to “bilateral US-India relations”.

As per the newly up-to-date quarterly disclosure report  which was filed with the US Senate, BGR has disclosed total earnings of USD 120,000 as of Republic of India towards “all lobbying associated income from the client (counting all payments to the registrant by any other unit for lobbying actions on behalf of the user).” All lobbyist firms require getting registered in the US for undertaking any lobbying actions as well as quarterly file disclosures counting concerning the payments received, definite issues for lobbying and the agencies loomed by it.

India cuts down on US
India cuts down on the US

Throughout the second quarter of 2017 ended  30th June, BGR lobbied on behalf of the Indian government by the side of the US Senate, the Department Commerce, the US House of Representatives,  as well as the Department of State and the US Trade Representative. Preceding to the latest quarter, BGR’s quarterly lobbying earnings from the Indian government stood unaffected at USD 180,000 as the fourth quarter of 2010.

Previous to that, the Indian government had remunerated BGR USD 60,000 in the third quarter of 2010 as well as less than USD 5,000 in the second quarter of that year as per the disclosure reports filed over the years. The most recent disclosure report did not quote any cause for the turn down in the quarterly expense to USD 120,000.

The uppermost quarterly amount so far has been traced in the fourth quarter of 2009 as BGR was compensated USD 200,000, as per a study of all disclosure reports filed by it. At the same time as the “specific lobbying issue” revealed by BGR for Indian government has been “bilateral US-India relations” for numerous quarters at the moment, the lobbying firm also used to lobby “issues connected to the civil nuclear agreement” amid the US as well as India till 2009.

India cuts down on US
India cuts down on the US

BGR commenced lobbying in the US on behalf of the Indian government in late 2005. In its registration revelation filed in October 2005, BGR had alleged it has been authorised to “offer guidance plus counsel with regard to issues impacting bilateral affairs amid the United States and the Republic of India”. Afterward, in its year-end disclosure details for 2005, when BGR has remunerated a sum total of USD 240,000, the lobbyist revealed that it “offer guidance and counsel with regard to issues impacting bilateral relations amid the US and the Republic of India, counting an impending civil nuclear agreement”.

Matters relating to bilateral connection and civil nuclear agreement sustained to be listed as “specific lobbying issues” in the prescribed disclosure reports for the years 2006 to 2009, subsequent to which the disclosed lobbying part has been restricted to ‘bilateral US-India relationship’. Ever since 2005-end when BGR began lobbying in the US on behalf of the Indian government, it has been compensated a sum amount of approximately USD 8 million, i.e., about  50 crore rupees as per the existing exchange rate.

According to its website, BGR Group presents “an incorporated suite of bipartisan lobbying, planned communications in addition to business solutions that assist get together your challenges in a perilous, ever-shifting plus consistent world.” It further states that “BGR’s professionals can assist you to meet your lobbying, public relations as well as business objectives in Washington, in state capitals plus around the world”.

The group which was founded in 1991 further states that “no firm better recognises the architecture of Washington other than BGR as well as it can provide its clients “the hard data, insight and associations you require to meet up your goals”.


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