India: 12th largest overseas holder of US security 2017

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According to the latest official data by US Treasury Department, India’s exposure in US government securities has risen sharply to a high of $144.7 billion at the end of 2017.The nation continues to be the 12th largest overseas holder of the US government securities and 3rd largest amongst the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)nations, amongst which Russia has lower one with $102.2 billion.India stood just behind the Saudi Arabia, whose holdings was $147 billion in December 2017.The nation has increased its holding by $26 billion as compared to that in December 2016, in which the holding was holding $118.2 billion.

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India’s neighbouring country China tops the list with holdings of $1.18 trillion followed by Japan with the holdings of $1.06 trillion.The third position holder was Ireland with the exposure of $326.5 billion.The Cayman Island(an autonomous British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea) was at the fourth position with holdings worth of $269.9 billion, followed by Brazil with holdings  of $256.8 billion then the United Kingdom with $250 billion, Switzerland with the holdings of $249.6 billion, Luxembourg with $ 217.6 billion, Hong Kong $194.7 billion and Taiwan with holdings of $ 180.9 billion.

India has been raising its holding of US government securities during last year except for a few months when the total exposure had declined.

The official data survey of foreign portfolio holdings of US  government securities from the June 2017 showed that the total value of such holding was $18.44 trillion out of which $7.19 trillion was in equities, $10.29 trillion was in the long-term debt securities and $954 billion in the short-term debt securities.The Treasury Department of  US said in a release that”The previous survey, conducted as of June 30, 2016, measured the value of total foreign holdings of the US securitiesat $17,139 billion, with the holdings of $6,186 billion in the US equities, $10,044 billion in the US long-term debt securities and $909 billion in  the US short-term debt securities”.