Bitcoin Future Price

3 months ago Rajeev K Sharma 0

As bitcoin is almost touched $20K price in most of the cryptocurrency exchanges by the end of 2017. Now investors are really focusing on the future prospects of the year 2018.

During a recent interview to “CNBCShark Tank investor Kevin O Leary pointed towards both advantage & disadvantage on it. He stated that it’s really risky to invest in an asset without proper knowledge about it’s functioning. In his financial analysis of the year 2018, he stated that Bitcoin may go up or down. it can be considered as most successful assets in the world as most of the countries are accepting it in their system including Japan, Venezuela & South Korea.

Bitcoin, Credit: The Guardian

In a very interesting report from US Chief Financial Stability Oversight Board (FSOC) claims that Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency in the world don’t pose threats to existing world financial systems. The Board stated that the cryptocurrencies are only utilized by less number of investors & consumers. In the report, its mentioned that Cryptocurrency market considered a very significant growth during 2017 but still below $ 1 trillion.

Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in an interview to BBC claimed that with the lack of support from governments & Central Banks makes Bitcoin a very risky investment. He cautioned investors to remain prepared for the worst with Bitcoin growing more than 1700% since the start of this year. Bailey considered it as a very volatile commodity. UK government is thinking to regulate it driven by concerns about its potential uses such as money laundering & criminal activities.