Questions To Guide You When Hiring Telehandlers

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It is expensive to buy a telehandler and that is why companies prefer to hire them. However, you need to ask the hiring company some questions just to make sure that they give you the best telehandler depending on your requirements and needs. Since there are different makes and models of telehandlers, research to find out the best for you. You can ask a telehandler rental the following questions;

Telehandler while lifting weight

How much weight can the telehandler lift?

Telehandlers can carry between 2,000 and 5, 000 kgs of weight. Consider the maximum amount of weight that a telehandler can handle. The telehandler cannot carry around the maximum weight at all times so make sure you choose a telehandler which has an allowance in weight to accommodate your work properly. Ask the telehandler rental company to give you a weight chart and to explain you anything that you need to be aware of concerning the weight capacities.

What is the model or make of the telehandler?

Today there are many telehandler manufacturers and each manufacturer has their own models with various specifications. Before hiring a telehandler, make sure you find out about the making of the equipment. Take time to also research on various similarities and different for different makes of telehandlers.

Find out the number of steering modes for the handlers

The level of maneuverability of the telehandler determines the suitability of the equipment for the job. The type of steering determines its ability to move well. There are three main types of steering modes including four wheels, crab, and two wheels. If you want to use the telehandler in a busy construction site, the four-wheel steering mode is the best. Crab steering is good if you need to work in places with tight spaces or where precision is important. For greater versatility, consider hiring telehandlers with three or two steering modes.

Ask about the attachment available and whether you pay for them separately

Different attachments can be fitted to the telehandler to enable it to perform various duties. Some of the attachments include shovels, buckets, and forks. First, consider the task that you want to carry out then find out about the best attachment to use. Since not all telehandlers are compatible with all attachments, hire one that can take in the attachment that you need. Do not assume that the cost of hiring the attachment is included in the telehandler so make sure you ask the renter. Some renters charge the attachments separately while others include the charges in the total cost of telehandler hire. In some cases, the telehandler rental company does not disclose if the price of the attachment is included in the rental price until you ask or until the last minute.


The above four questions are important when you want to hire a telehandler and they will guide you in making an informed decision. Some additional questions that could help you when hiring a telehandler are asking about the engine size and the forward reach of the telehandler. Do not forget to ask about the maximum period of time that the rental company is giving you the equipment and the cost of hiring it. Do not forget these questions as they are important in helping you hire the right telehandler. They are a perfect guide if you want to buy the right handler anytime.

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