B.Zarina at New York fashion week.

2 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
New York fashion week has been a hot potato since its inception in the year 1943.  Being one of the top fashion weeks in the world this seven to ten days event collects a lot of paparazzi. In the recently held New York fashion week a new brand B.Zarina showcased their first collection of luxury Read More

How to be a budget-savvy fashionista?

3 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
We don’t always need to spend a hefty amount to dress up like a fashionista. If we are smart enough we can shop some really breathtaking stuff and look like a fashionista every day because mostly in colleges or in a student life we got to keep our fashion game and also our budget in Read More

Fashion hacks: A few tips to guide your everyday look.

3 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
Hello ladies! So, before we get started there is something I would like to emphasize on. What is “fashion”? The most usual answers I would get here would be the same. Some of you would agree that fashion is all about following what’s trending. Invariably, some of you would say wearing those stilettoes with a Read More