मिस्टर इरिटेटिंग – युवा दिलो को प्रक्षालित करता एक उपन्यास

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हालाँकि वर्ष 2017 में कई ऐसे उपन्यास प्रकाशित हुए जिन्होंने ने युवाभाव को दर्पण में अक्षरशः उतरने का प्रयास किया, ऐसा ही एक सफल प्रयास श्री नीलेश शर्मा जी ने मिस्टर इरिटेटिंग (Mister Iritating ) के माध्यम से किया है। ये कहानिया सदैव इस समाज को सीख देती रहेंगी। जीवन में घटित जिन घटनाओ के बारे Read More

Lucknow Central movie reviews: Fascinating Tale of Dreamers and Fighters

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Lucknow central: MOVIE Releasing Date: 15 September 2017. Director: Ranjeet tiwari Producer: Nikhil advani Cast: Farhan aktar, Diana penty, Gippy grewal, deepak dobriyal, Innamulahq, Rajesh sharma & Ronit Roy. Story: Band Banega YA bajega? Bollywood has its fair share of new corners and mentors there is a deep sense of heritage that runs beneath. Actor Read More

Nawazuddin siddiqui : Memoir to release this October

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This October,  actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui will come out with his memoir, which will be a story of his battle, of hope, of persevering ingenuity and the desire to dream titled as ‘An Ordinary Life: A Memoir‘. “We always have a choice,” said Nawazuddin. As a young fellow from small town Budhana in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, Read More

06 Classic books to Read on a Rainy Day

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A rainy day, some hot coffee, a cozy chair and an amazing classic in hand…*sigh! What else can a bookworm want to do on a grey rainy day? Honestly? Nothing else. This is the perfect description of heaven for us bookworms. What better than getting lost in the historical era of balls and strolls in Read More

Game of Thrones – Season 07 Episode 04 – Review

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And we are back with another episode of our beloved series Game of Thrones. This one, however, did not make my heart race or make me feel any sort of anticipation like the previous two episodes did. Not saying this was a bad episode, just that it was not as amazing. Everything seemed kind of Read More

Plea rejected against Akki’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’

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In what has come as a relief for superstar Akshay Kumar, a plea against the stay of the release of his upcoming movie, ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ has been rejected.  On Saturday, a local court from Jaipur rejected a plea, probing a stay to the release of the Akshay Kumar starrer, ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.’ The Read More

08 Must Read Books this Friendships Day

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First of all, a very happy friendships day! Now, bookworms like me keep wondering what books to read on special occasions like these, but keep coming up empty handed. Many books do not sound appealing enough or maybe we are not in the mood to read them then. To solve this problem, I have come Read More

The Day of the Duchess – Sarah MacLean – Book Review

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The Day of the Duchess, released on the twenty-seventh of June this year, is the third book of the Scandal and Scoundrel series authored by the writer Sarah MacLean. As a huge fan of Sarah MacLean books, I have to admit that this book was a bit of a letdown. When compared to her other Read More

Game of Thrones – season 07 episode 03 – Review

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Another episode is out! This season, with every episode is only making me go more wonderstruck. I mean seriously, this episode left me bereft of speech (literally!). Oh and those who have not seen the episode, read no further, some minor SPOILERS may come up! The episode begins at dragon stone. We see that Jon Read More

Mann Ki Baat: Modi Talks about GST

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PM Modi talked about the New Tax Reform System. He greets everyone with saying, “It’s a human nature to love Rainy Season; heavy rains made us realize water’s destructive power. Nature nurtures but can be destructive too”. The main concentration in his speech was on GST; he mostly talked about and said all about GST, Read More