Anxiety can help your memory

3 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
Anxiety is a problem that almost all people of this millennium deal with. It is caused generally by low self-esteem and over thinking. A new research had found that anxiety can help your memory. This study has been led by the University of Waterloo. According to this study, manageable levels of anxiety actually help people in Read More

Delicious Thandai: Holi 2018 Special

3 months ago Jyotsna Bhasin 0
It is that time when you can be blameworthy of stacking up on heaps of Gujiyas, which is a broiled treat, made of generally useful flour and loaded with khoya, sugar and dry natural products inside, and delightful savouries alongside Thandai. Holi is one such celebration synonymous with spring. Holi is a standout amongst the Read More

“In sickness and in health”- Wedding vows created realism

3 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Wedding season is on its way and we are all excited to witness the ultimate “happily ever after” of real-life couples and of course the whole package of joy and awaited get together that comes with weddings. The thing about marriage lies in the truth of the vows taken for a lifetime promise between two Read More

B.Zarina at New York fashion week.

3 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
New York fashion week has been a hot potato since its inception in the year 1943.  Being one of the top fashion weeks in the world this seven to ten days event collects a lot of paparazzi. In the recently held New York fashion week a new brand B.Zarina showcased their first collection of luxury Read More

Music Tourism: The New Trend of 2018

3 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
Music tourism, a strange and unfamiliar term in India until only a few years ago, is now a massive phenomenon that’s only getting more popular, thanks to a thriving music scene and young consumers eager to have new experiences. Music tourism has become the new trend of this year. You can see a variety of Read More

Eating Ultra-Processed food might cause Cancer

3 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
The modern lifestyle has forced a large number people including the teenagers and young adults to survive on highly processed unhealthy food rather than home cooked nutritious food. It is important that we cut down on our intake of ultra-processed food because not only are they unhealthy but also potentially cancerous. A recent study undertaken Read More

Small things matter in changing our lives

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Are we really relying on the bigger picture too much? Dwelling on the castles that we build in the air is a great initiative towards the blueprint of our dreams that are yet to be properly planned.The time lag and the competitiveness of the society will manipulate us in all different ways to dive into Read More

Confessions of a makeup lover

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
We all adore the idea of a presentable outlook no matter how good looking or average personality we have.In today’s era, we find average women bringing their personality in light through their professional skills as well as a confident outlook.No matter what kind of choices we possess, all girls love makeup!!   The use of too Read More

Why is digital detox a necessity?

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Once cellphones were only real in imagination and the idea of such an impeccable gadget is now a casualty. As if, life does not go normal without it but actually, we were all fine before it emerged.The greatest issue of these gadgets is that they are an addiction in disguise, it came like a package Read More

Facts and Myths about Cervical Cancer

4 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
Cervical Cancer has emerged second in causing cancer-related deaths in women in India after breast cancer. Women of age between 15 years to 45 years are, particularly at risk. There are about 122,000 new cases of cervical cancer annually in the country, with 67,500 women succumbing to the disease.  Nandita Palshetkar, Medical Director, Bloom IVF Group & Read More