Gigi Hadid Walked the runway with One Missing Shoe?

3 months ago Joanne dsilva 0
Gigi Hadid is a famous American model she consequently proved herself at Anna Sui’s Fashion Show on Monday night. The model walked at NewYork Fashion Week confidently down wearing gold sequins dress, pink feather-lined coat and hair tousled, Hadid wore a black tight sock and with that a golden heels-with a closer look without “one Read More

Kangana Ranaut to be endorsed by Lifestyle for Melange

4 months ago Rashi Bareja 0
Kangana Ranaut to be endorsed by Lifestyle for Melange Actress Kangana Ranaut has recently become the brand ambassador for an ethnic brand ‘Melange’ by Lifestyle. Kangana Ranaut is looking quite ravishing in the new collection of Melange which recently led a campaign as “rethink ethnic” that contests the customary and is encouraged by her audacious Read More

Indian Designer Manish Arora is ready to go global

4 months ago Amber Naz 0
The most recent Paris collection of Manish Arora was showcased and it’s on the Indian runway interestingly. The Paris collection was titled “Cosmic Love“. The showcase was a visual interchange of hues, styles, intricate silhouettes and designs. From Tribal Africa, Aztec prints to art deco touches, Arora made geometric examples with patchwork and embroidery. In the Read More

These 7 Homemade Beauty Tips are Safe to Follow

5 months ago Shruti Sharma 0
We all deserve to look beautiful. Many women spend almost 3/4 of their salary at the beauty parlors trying to look good. The challenge is most of them end up suffering with side-effects due to the chemical based products used at these beauty salons. I have a few homemade beauty tips that I have personally Read More

The Fashion Trendsetters of Bollywood

5 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
The best way to get motivated and excited on updating and changing your style and attire statements can be through our eye candy celebrities. Each and every celebrity has his/her own fashion sense which makes them appeal like a star different from the rest of the world. There is a famous saying “Beauty With Brain”. Read More