Anxiety can help your memory

3 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
Anxiety is a problem that almost all people of this millennium deal with. It is caused generally by low self-esteem and over thinking. A new research had found that anxiety can help your memory. This study has been led by the University of Waterloo. According to this study, manageable levels of anxiety actually help people in Read More

“In sickness and in health”- Wedding vows created realism

3 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Wedding season is on its way and we are all excited to witness the ultimate “happily ever after” of real-life couples and of course the whole package of joy and awaited get together that comes with weddings. The thing about marriage lies in the truth of the vows taken for a lifetime promise between two Read More

Small things matter in changing our lives

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Are we really relying on the bigger picture too much? Dwelling on the castles that we build in the air is a great initiative towards the blueprint of our dreams that are yet to be properly planned.The time lag and the competitiveness of the society will manipulate us in all different ways to dive into Read More

Facts and Myths about Cervical Cancer

4 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
Cervical Cancer has emerged second in causing cancer-related deaths in women in India after breast cancer. Women of age between 15 years to 45 years are, particularly at risk. There are about 122,000 new cases of cervical cancer annually in the country, with 67,500 women succumbing to the disease.  Nandita Palshetkar, Medical Director, Bloom IVF Group & Read More

How to be a budget-savvy fashionista?

4 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
We don’t always need to spend a hefty amount to dress up like a fashionista. If we are smart enough we can shop some really breathtaking stuff and look like a fashionista every day because mostly in colleges or in a student life we got to keep our fashion game and also our budget in Read More

Longevity protein: a boon for diseases

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
A gene named after a Greek goddess Klotho, who swung the thread of life plays an important role in the regulation of longevity and metabolism. The Klotho gene is identified as an evident age-suppressing gene in mice. It is known for extending lifespan when overexpressed. It instigates complex composition resembling human premature aging syndromes when Read More

Train Your Brain

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
                                                                           Train Your Brain by Shruti Goel  ” Vedas are beliefs and Sanskrit is wide, You depend only on Read More

Hormonal Imbalances Leading to Hair Loss

4 months ago Guest Author 0
Women are often heard shouting and complaining about continuous thinning of hair. Ever stopped for a second and thought about what can be the major cause of hair thinning and hair loss problems in women? Researchers and hair experts have long been blaming hormones for all the major hair problems faced by women. Most of Read More

Stress promotes Pancreatic Cancer

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
The pancreas is a glandular organ behind the stomach. When the cells in the pancreas begin to multiply and become out of control, then an abnormal condition arises known as Pancreatic Cancer. These cancerous cells have the ability to permeate other parts of the body as well. Due to this it becomes much dangerous and Read More

Why simplicity is the key to mindfulness?

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
The drift of ultramodern society has pushed borders and edged an exquisite niche of it’s own.In this era,the vibe of advancing in every field has provided the culmination of certain changes in our regular life.We have almost moved past the concept of “simplicity” and kept getting accustomed to the dream of fancy future so as Read More