Scuba Diving Destinations In India That You Must Visit

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If you have got a love for beach and adventure then scuba diving is a must in your bucket list. It’s a sport for all the people who love the adrenaline rush, gushing in their veins making the enthusiastic divers, explore the wonders deep within the sea and bring back amazing stories and sometimes even Read More

Festive Travel-India Unexplored Beaches

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Festivals are a great season to pick that anti-tanning lotion, goggles, and head straight to the beach!! Check out our list of Festive Travel-India Unexplored Beaches When it comes to Indian beach holidays, the first name that comes to our mind is Goa, closely followed by Kerala! Let’s explore pristine unexplored beaches of India that are not yet on the Read More

4 Best Indian Destinations to Visit this August

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August is here! And to us Indians, August means plenty of rainy days, a few monsoon destinations to a road trip, hot tea or coffee, some Pakodas and a motley crowd! Almost all of us love traveling to the unexplored parts of our gorgeous country, especially during the rains, when everything is even more beautiful Read More

Hang Son Doong, World’s most Exciting and Fascinating Cave

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What if you are told that there is a cave so big that it has its own river, clouds, jungle, and climate? Fascinating isn’t it!!Hang Son Doong, a 3-million-year-old cave in central Vietnam comes straight from fairy tales, a curve so huge that it could fit a 40- story Skyscraper can fit inside its walls, this mammoth cave Read More

Kaas Pathar – Maharashtra’s very Own Valley of Flowers!

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The moment that the rains start, do we travel addicts not itch to go some place beautiful? Some place relaxing and away from the hustle bustle of the city. Well, I bring to you Kaas Pathar, also known as Maharashtra’s valley of flowers. A huge variety of flora can be found here but only for Read More

6 Most Happening Hotels of the World that is Every Tourist’s Dream

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I bet you wish that you had immense money to take that one dream break that you always dreamt of! It could be expensive but, not impossible. You need to attract the energies of the Universe to make this dream of staying at one of these hotels come true. Keep viewing their images and reading Read More

These 7 Reasons Will Convince You to Pack Your Bags for Gujarat

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If you haven’t explored the areas of Gujarat yet in relation to tourism, then you are missing a great deal! Gujarat is the place for explorers and god believers. The astounding beaches, architectural monuments, and breathtaking temple constructions give you many reasons to be here. The list doesn’t end there; you have museums, shopping centers, Read More

7 Things to Do Before You Plan Your Trip to Dubai

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You have finally decided to trip for one of the most attractive and happening tourist locations, Dubai. Glad you made it this far of planning but, there are certain things that you need to yet know and do. Irrespective of how flashy and colorful the city looks like, there are certain rules to follow as Read More

You Won’t Believe These 6 Mysterious Places Actually Exist in India

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Does the worm of horror ever bite you to scare your friends too? This article will help you to curb your cravings. Although India has been known for its rich culture, beautiful mountains, scenic landscapes, happening nightlife, and more, there are places that have rarely been explored. These places have either been abandoned for reasons Read More