Burning Agricultural Waste: Heavy penalty for polluting the air

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
After harvesting, farmers set their paddy fields on fire. This practice is more prevalent mainly in three states of Northern India which are Punjab, Haryana, and Western UP. The firing fields burn around generating a large amount of smoke. This smoke gets carried away by wind, all the way to Delhi and beyond. It adds Read More

12-point agenda: Stimulating agricultural growth

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
On 19 January, Vice-President M.Venkaiah Naidu presents a 12-point agenda for spurring the growth of agriculture. Agriculture is being considered as an unattractive profession by the farmers. This is due to low income and sluggish productivity. Agriculture Agriculture means rearing and procreation of animals, plants, and fungi for various products needed to sustain and enhance Read More

The Doubling Of Farmers’ Income by 2022

5 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
Agriculture plays an important role in the overall growth of the Indian Economy. While the share of agriculture in GDP has declined sharply during the last five decades, the dependence of the rural workforce on agriculture for employment has not declined in the same proportion. The goal of doubling farmers’ income by the year 2022 Read More

Fruit will help you to Cool Down at The Hot Weather

10 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
Summer is a hot month whatever you do, we use fans and air conditioners to cool down but it is not enough. A special way can be much effective to cool down at summer, it is eating fruits. Check the best kinds of fruit which are suitable for summer 1.  Pear:  Pears is not famous for apples Read More

India leads in genome sequencing of millet

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India India leads in genome sequencing of millet as scientists from University of Agricultural Sciences -Bengaluru (USA-B) have done genome sequencing of ragi or finger millet. Scientists have decoded a sequence in genome i.e building block responsible for its drought- resistant and nutrient-rich feature.It is the first time in the world history when Indian Scientists Read More