Kenya Charges Violators On Plastic Ban

4 months ago Sancheeta Khora 0
PLASTIC BAN IN KENYA: A new law that has been passed in Kenya and that has been implemented from Monday of this week. The new law states that plastics bags shall be banned in the country. A fine of US $38,000 will be charged on those who will be found violating the law. A 4-year Read More

Up to 2,000 rescued as Houston hit by catastrophic floods

4 months ago Rashi Bareja 0
 Storm Harvey: Up to 2,000 rescued as Houston hit by ‘catastrophic floods’ Darryl Coleman, Chief of the Harris County said that recently the city of Houston has been devastated by the recent event of floods happening over there. He reports that many vehicles have been completely damaged. Houston is reported to have a flash flood Read More

Hurricane Harvey Striked Down Texas #Harvey

4 months ago Ishan Chourey 0
Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas coasts on Friday, with wind speeds over 200kmph. The category 4 Hurricane swept the northeastern coast of Copano Bay, disrupting lives of over 200,000 Texians. Eye of the storm was spotted between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor. Not only Harvey is causing destruction due to Ferrari speed winds, the Read More

BHP plans to give up shale business

4 months ago Kamalika Some 0
The world’s largest miner, BHP Billiton plans to give up U.S shale gas business rising concerns of surge over annual profits.  On Tuesday, the giant reported a surge in underlying full-year profits and expressed concerns that it would exit from its underperforming U.S. gas and shale oil trade. This move led to smiles to the aggrieved shareholders who were pushing for a sale. The Read More

Festive Travel-India Unexplored Beaches

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Festivals are a great season to pick that anti-tanning lotion, goggles, and head straight to the beach!! Check out our list of Festive Travel-India Unexplored Beaches When it comes to Indian beach holidays, the first name that comes to our mind is Goa, closely followed by Kerala! Let’s explore pristine unexplored beaches of India that are not yet on the Read More

Kaziranga loses 200 animals during flood

4 months ago Rashi Bareja 0
A bereavement is said to have happened in the Kaziranga national park earlier this day. Over 200 animals died because of the flood which took place in Kaziranga. Reports have said that this was not the first time something like this happened. The park has also lost over 100 animals in the flood which occurred Read More

Hydrological data from China on Brahmaputra unavailble

4 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
China has not shared any water-related data on the river Brahmaputra about the Himalayan rivers in the current year. China is made responsible for the current occurring of floods across the northeastern States by India. The Ministry of External Affairs  said,” Under an agreement, China had committed to share annual hydrological data with India but the same Read More

Earthquake strikes China, at least 13 died and 175 injured!

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At least thirteen people died and 175 were injured when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake thumped China‘s south-western mountainous region of Sichuan, government, as well as official media sources, said on Wednesday. The death toll was estimated to scale as news dropped out of the distant hilly region. The quake struck a lightly populated area 200 Read More

These 7 Reasons Will Convince You to Pack Your Bags for Gujarat

5 months ago Shruti Sharma 0
If you haven’t explored the areas of Gujarat yet in relation to tourism, then you are missing a great deal! Gujarat is the place for explorers and god believers. The astounding beaches, architectural monuments, and breathtaking temple constructions give you many reasons to be here. The list doesn’t end there; you have museums, shopping centers, Read More

Fruit will help you to Cool Down at The Hot Weather

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Summer is a hot month whatever you do, we use fans and air conditioners to cool down but it is not enough. A special way can be much effective to cool down at summer, it is eating fruits. Check the best kinds of fruit which are suitable for summer 1.  Pear:  Pears is not famous for apples Read More