Baby formula of Lactalis recalled after fear of Salmonella

5 days ago pratyush shukla 0
A baby formula of a leading brand Lactalis globally recalled after fear Salmonella contamination. French firm Lactalis is recalling all of its products from the global market after 26 infants fell ill due to Salmonella poisoning in France. This recall is affecting the export to Britain, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sudan. Lactalis is one of Read More

52 infants dead in Jamshedpur’s MGM Government Hospital

4 months ago Urja 0
About 52 infants have been reported dead at Jamshedpur’s Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College  i.e MGM Government Hospital in the last 30 days. However the state-level inquiry has denied negligence in the part of this government-run hospital, it has been indicated by the medical staff that the infant care is not satisfactory.   Read More

Postpartum depression can affect dads

4 months ago Rashi Bareja 0
Postpartum depression can affect dads Recently many celebrity mothers have shared their experiences regarding the postpartum depression. But some time before when Adam Busby shared about his postpartum experience in a celebrity show, he was told to ‘ man up’. Men and Women both undergo postpartum depression after the birth of their child. Reports have Read More

Swine Flu claimed 16 lives in MP since July 1

4 months ago Purbasha Pal 0
Madhya Pradesh has lost 16 lives to the deadly Swine Flu since July 1, while 44 patients are being treated in various hospitals. As per reports of NDTV, a health department official was quoted: ‘Between July 1 and August 24, 16 patients died due to H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus infection. 18 patients are being treated Read More

Loss of smelling: A symptom of Alzheimer’s disease

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The frequency of the number of people getting diseases like Alzheimer’s disease in today’s time is no less because of their faulty lifestyles. Getting a disease is considered to be very normal because of the commonality of it. Alzheimer is one such disease that gets worse with time. It is also known as short-term memory Read More

31 swine flu deaths in Gujarat in 3 days, toll rises to 210

4 months ago Amber Naz 0
A spate of deaths due to swine flu across Gujarat dampened the festive spirit during Janmashtami, with the state government issuing an advisory for people to stay away from the annual festival fairs which draw lakhs of people. A security guard and relatives of a Swine flu (H1 N1) patient interact outside the isolation ward Read More


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In an interview shortly after winning the Nobel Prize in 1945 for discovering penicillin, Dr. Alexander Fleming said: “The thoughtless person playing with penicillin treatment is morally responsible for the death of the man who succumbs to infection with the penicillin-resistant organism.” Today we not only have penicillin resistant bacteria but a wide range of Read More

Swine flu strikes in Kolkata, death toll rises to six

4 months ago Nidhi Yadav 0
Swine flu strikes in Kolkata along with ordinary flu like Dengue and Malaria. The deadly disease has claimed a life with the toll rising to six until now. Also known as the H1N1 virus, Swine Flu is a serious issue and the health organizations are concerned for the city people, said the experts. The first Read More

Have We Finally Come Any Closer to Finding a Cure for the HIV virus?

5 months ago Mitali Dodal 0
That is the question that goes through everyone’s the mind as they read the article about the recent experiment against HIV virus is performed. The research shows that human body is not efficient in the formation of antibodies that have the ability to counteract the HIV virus cells. However, after a study, some two hundred Read More