10 Applications that you might need in your smartphone

3 months ago Jyotsna Bhasin 0
The developing Android Market overflowed with applications that never stop to push the limits for better client encounter. Application designers are pushing the envelope once a day endeavouring to enhance and improve our cell phone and tablet encounters. Actually, such a significant number of Android applications turn out each day that it’s hard to monitor Read More

Microsoft and Xiaomi collaborate to make AI powered speakers, smartphones.

3 months ago Rishita Raj 0
Microsoft and Xiaomi have signed Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) to deepen the ties between companies and to develop Artificial Intelligence(AI) based budget speakers and smartphones. Microsoft will introduce its cloud computing, AI and hardware technologies to upgrade the smartphones, laptops of Xiami such that it can explore and strengthen its business in the international market. So Read More

India’s first 5G trial conducted by Airtel and Huawei

3 months ago Rishita Raj 0
The Telecom Major Bharti Airtel and Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei have successfully conducted the fifth generation wireless network(a.k.a 5G) trial first time in India at Airtel’s network experience centre in Manesar, Gurugram(Haryana). Abhay Savargaonkar, director – networks at Bharti Airtel said that- the test may be small but it is a  significant step towards Read More

Expert System: Application of Artificial Intelligence

3 months ago Rishita Raj 0
An expert system is a system which is coded with knowledge in its knowledge base domains from where it gives information about the specialized domains without any human competence.This knowledge-based system is an application of AI(artificial intelligence), as AI aims at building systems which can impart its intelligent behaviour to the world. It is a computer Read More

Why is digital detox a necessity?

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Once cellphones were only real in imagination and the idea of such an impeccable gadget is now a casualty. As if, life does not go normal without it but actually, we were all fine before it emerged.The greatest issue of these gadgets is that they are an addiction in disguise, it came like a package Read More

Best Hollywood series of all time.

4 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
With the introduction of the internet, a lot of transformation has occurred in people’s lives, especially with that of media and entertainment sector. Gone are the days when we would sit in front of a television and watch one of those daily soaps where the female protagonist would do all sort of sacrifices in order Read More

Flexible Battery for Wearables Devices

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
What would be more convenient to provide power to wearable electronics? Obviously, something which would be as flexible as the wearables themselves. Due to constant efforts by the scientists of South Korea, aqueous lithium-ion batteries have been developed which can be stretched. They are capable enough to power the wearable devices of the next generation. Read More

Roadkills: An app to Preserve

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
Roadkills: An app to Preserve by Shruti Goel Wild animals are the ones which are undomesticated. There is no one to take care and look after them. They are also living beings and have full right to live and to share the piece of earth with us. They have their own natural habitats but they Read More