Antibiotic malacidins discovered from dirt

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The research and experiments in the field of health and medicines are exploring its wings after the discovery of first antibiotic “PENICILLIN” by Alexander Fleming in 1928. After, researching on more than hundred of soil samples Scientists from The Rockefeller University in New York have discovered a class of antibiotics named “Malacidins” from the soil. Read More

chandrayaan-2 aims to launch in april,2018

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It is a matter of great pride and prestige for  India to launch its moon mission after Chandrayaan-1. Chandrayaan-1 was the first moon mission launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in October 2008. “India is set to launch Chandrayaan-2, which is for the first time landing a rover on the south pole of Moon, Read More

Expert System: Application of Artificial Intelligence

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An expert system is a system which is coded with knowledge in its knowledge base domains from where it gives information about the specialized domains without any human competence.This knowledge-based system is an application of AI(artificial intelligence), as AI aims at building systems which can impart its intelligent behaviour to the world. It is a computer Read More

Planets beyond the Milky Way

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For the first time, researchers have discovered a bunch of planets outside the Milky Way galaxy. This new galaxy has been found to be located at a distance of 3.8 light years. This discovery has been done by using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory which is a telescope in space being controlled by the Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Trained Robots for armies

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The army is a fighting force consisting of people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the security of their motherland. Their selfless nature and bravery are worth appreciating and they deserve to be respected. They fight all on their own with the weapons and other measures they have. But, how about the introduction Read More

Moon: Super, Blood, and Blue

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In Asia, a rare event happening after 35 years has kept the internet abuzz from the beginning of the year 2018. Today, on 31st January, a rare lunar event is all set to take place. A Super Moon, Blue Moon, and a total lunar eclipse will be seen on the evening as the sun sets. Read More

Earthquake monitoring system in the Andamans

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Real-time monitoring of earthquakes is under planning. It is to be done by setting up a diverse system of sensors on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The operation is being carried out by the Indian Tsunami Early Warning System (ITEWS) of the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). At 28 locations on the Read More

Flexible Battery for Wearables Devices

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What would be more convenient to provide power to wearable electronics? Obviously, something which would be as flexible as the wearables themselves. Due to constant efforts by the scientists of South Korea, aqueous lithium-ion batteries have been developed which can be stretched. They are capable enough to power the wearable devices of the next generation. Read More

The Rise of Phoenix: Saras

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The Rise of Phoenix: Saras by Shruti Goel Wednesday morning, four nearby residents witnessed the sounds and saw fighter jets taking off from the defense airstrip but it was very significant for National Aeronautical Laboratory. It was very special for them as it was the rise of their flagship programme. On 24th January, the first Read More

Roadkills: An app to Preserve

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Roadkills: An app to Preserve by Shruti Goel Wild animals are the ones which are undomesticated. There is no one to take care and look after them. They are also living beings and have full right to live and to share the piece of earth with us. They have their own natural habitats but they Read More