Nari Shakti Puraskar presented on the International Women’s Day

3 months ago Shruti Goel 0
The occasion of International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide to appreciate the efforts and sacrifice of women. The greatness of women is recognised and people appreciate them. Women have proved themselves in almost every field of life. The diversity achieved by them is almost impossible for any other person to achieve. The mindset of the Read More

Delicious Thandai: Holi 2018 Special

3 months ago Jyotsna Bhasin 0
It is that time when you can be blameworthy of stacking up on heaps of Gujiyas, which is a broiled treat, made of generally useful flour and loaded with khoya, sugar and dry natural products inside, and delightful savouries alongside Thandai. Holi is one such celebration synonymous with spring. Holi is a standout amongst the Read More

Apps and devices for security of women

3 months ago Rishita Raj 0
In the nation, where we talk about women literacy, women empowerment, providing equal rights to them and many more sectors that deals about uplifting women’ standard in the society, but the concern about the safety of women is still in our mind. The crime against women have been rising, and in such case are pepper Read More

First Transgender panel member at Lok Adalat

3 months ago Shruti Goel 0
According to a recent news and as a matter of pride for the nation, a transgender activist Vidya Kamble becomes a part of the judicial panel at a National Lok Adalat in Nagpur. She spreads a message that the society should not behave differently with the people of LGBT community but should rather support them. Read More

Small things matter in changing our lives

4 months ago Anamika Dutta 0
Are we really relying on the bigger picture too much? Dwelling on the castles that we build in the air is a great initiative towards the blueprint of our dreams that are yet to be properly planned.The time lag and the competitiveness of the society will manipulate us in all different ways to dive into Read More

Increasing cases of suicides: what data suggests?

4 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
Lakhs of students pass 12th boards every year. People from science background aspire to be an engineer or a doctor. Lakhs among them dream to get into one of the premier IITs. In the race to chasing their dreams to becoming an engineer from one of the top colleges, most of them prefer to get Read More

Infertility: Who is the real Culprit ?

4 months ago Shruti Goel 0
Infertility is usually a misled term in Indian society. Without understanding its true meaning and ignoring the facts, the so-called literate orthodox people in the society find it convenient blaming the women. They don’t understand the pain, a woman has to go through in her entire life. Right from the time of birth of a Read More

MP CM urges people to spread oneness through Ekatm Yatra

4 months ago Rajeev K Sharma 0
Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh): MP Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to the citizens to spread love and oneness through Ekatm Yatra. The Ekatm Yatra will reach Omkareshwar on January 22, 2018. Mr. Chouhan added in his statement that the statue of Adiguru will be built in Omkar Parvat. and the “The cooperation of people Read More


5 months ago Tamanna Aktar 0
JIHAD AND ISLAM The name Islam has been derived from ‘Salam’ which means PEACE, Islam doesn’t allow anyone to do violence or causing harm to anyone. As in today’s world people are forced believe that Islam promotes Jihad which has been portrayed as “HOLY WAR”, they need to expand their horizon. In the holy Q’uran there Read More


5 months ago Tamanna Aktar 0
Islam the religion of purity and justice teaches us to safeguard our pride and honor, to follow modesty. All Muslims are given right to choose what is best for them. The religion is not just a religion but a way of life and to enhance the quality of with the right decision in right time. Read More