Increasing cases of suicides: what data suggests?

4 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
Lakhs of students pass 12th boards every year. People from science background aspire to be an engineer or a doctor. Lakhs among them dream to get into one of the premier IITs. In the race to chasing their dreams to becoming an engineer from one of the top colleges, most of them prefer to get Read More

30 days to better English.

4 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
English is no more a language it has become more of a lifestyle now, which people love to adopt. Inculcating English in your lifestyle is encouraged by many but done by some. It seems even like a nightmare to a few. However, the number of people who are mastering this language has been seen in Read More

6 Tips To Maintain A Proper Teacher-Student Relationship

5 months ago Guest Author 0
A relationship between a teacher and a student is extremely crucial, especially when you are in college. In schools, it might be different and awkward to walk up to an instructor and discuss your family problems, but in a college, an educator can be your best friend, he can be your guide and suggest things Read More

3 Productivity Tools to Reach Your Goals Faster

5 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
If you’re like most busy people, you’re always looking for productivity tools and ways to increase your productivity. If you can find a way to: * Limit distractions in this distraction-filled world * Stay focused on a single task at a time …you’re well on your way to getting more done, but it’s not always Read More

How to Get Student Loan Forgiveness (Quick Guide)

5 months ago Paul Paquin 0
Thousands of students across the nation could potentially get their student loan balances forgiven, but unfortunately, it will never happen for them because they forgot to fill out a form or because they checked the wrong box on the application 10-years ago when they consolidated. Today’s infographic teaches you exactly what you need to do Read More

The DNA Hard Drive – Digital Data Storage

10 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
Each and every day, we create, save, post the Digital Data- whether it is sending the email to someone, chatting on social media, or downloading books, music films in that time you will require the storage media. Currently, we are using the storage media which is having limited storage space as well as durability. So, Read More