The DNA Hard Drive – Digital Data Storage

10 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0
Each and every day, we create, save, post the Digital Data- whether it is sending the email to someone, chatting on social media, or downloading books, music films in that time you will require the storage media. Currently, we are using the storage media which is having limited storage space as well as durability. So, Read More

Melwyn Rego has been appointed as CEO and MD of Syndicate bank

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Melwyn Rego has been appointed as  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director  (MD) of Syndicate Bank. He was earlier working as a chairman of the Bank of India.   Know About  Syndicate Bank Public Sector Syndicate Bank was founded in 1925. Its initial name was Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited. Along with other  13 major commercial banks Read More