Akshay Kumar ‘s experience regarding molestation

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Akshay Kumar revealed regarding being molested as a child. The actor exposed that he was molested as a kid, in order to lift up awareness concerning the importance of communication when it comes to cases of sexual assault. He shared his experience at an international conference on Human Trafficking.

One has to get this correct that women are not the mere victims of molestation or sexual abuse. Even men get ensnared in such shocking situations but the only disparity being, most of them don’t converse up regarding the same or let’s say the culture doesn’t think it to be a that significant issue to deal with. But listen to it from Akshay Kumar as he remembers to the time when a lift man touched his butt.

Akshay  Kumar speaks up in communication with media “When I was a kid, my parents always encouraged me to converse with them freely regarding everything. Whether it was conversing about a sexual matter or wrong behaviour, I was asked to come home and speak openly. When I was six, I was getting towards neighbour’s residence when the lift man touched my butt. I was actually disturbed and informed my father regarding the matter. He filed a police complaint against him and I investigations exposed that the liftman was a historical fraud. The cops took action  against  the man and the man was detained.”

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna speaks on molestation
Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna speaks on molestation

Earlier this year in March Twinkle Khanna also revealed that she had faced molestation at the workplace in spite of being a wife of Akshay Kumar.

She portrays, “A few years ago, a message on my phone reduced me to tears in the car. I had arrived at breaking point following months of suggestive messages from a rich, powerful client. I had been making up not to understand as all I required to do was to complete the task in a professional manner. Furthermore, so I finished up as a statistic, that  the 38 percent of women who faced sexual harassment at work, as per a  survey was done by the Indian National Bar association.”

The reason why Akshay has unexpectedly come out in the open regarding this incident is as he wants the public to not shy from talking up concerning such issues. He adds, “I was a shy child, but I was pleased that I could converse about this to my parents. But at present also, I find it hard to say the word ‘bum’. We must cheer women and kids to talk up and tell their families if they come across anything odd so that they can be protected as well as empowered.”

Sonam on issue of molestation
Sonam on issue of molestation


Although we have heard actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Twinkle Khanna, Kalki Koechlin disclose their experiences of child abuse, molestation. Sonam Kapoor supposed, “Everyone goes through several kinds of sexual abuse in their childhood. I make out I have been molested when I was younger, and it was traumatising. “

This is the foremost time a male actor has opened up regarding his encounter with molestation, and we feel it’s actually brave of Akshay Kumar. On the work front, the actor will be next seen in Toilet Ek Prem Katha with  Bhumi Pednekar.


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