Steps to make a DIY new year surprise card

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Steps to make a DIY new year surprise card

The new year is around the corner. You must be wondering how to make it special for your loved ones.

Cards are too mainstream. Right?

In the era of the online gifs bombastic images who even purchase cards.?  Of course, agreed.

But,   Guess what? I have got you an idea. How about putting in a few your efforts and time to make it worth remembering for your special ones. After all, pouring in your emotions is something that can’t go in vain.
Here is how to make a DIY new year surprise card for your near and dear ones filled with lots of emotions and love messages.

List of things you would need to make a DIY new year surprise card  :

*Chart paper
*‌Colorful sheets
‌*Marker pens and highlighters
‌*Colorful pencils

Steps to make a DIY new year surprise card  :
‌1) Cut the chart paper into four equal rectangular parts. I have used yellow colored chart paper. Likewise, you may use any color of your choice.
Step 1 to make card

‌ 2)Now take one of the parts and fold them into two equal halves. Draw the shape of a heart touching its outmost edges. You can make different shapes as well, just make sure it touches the edge.

Step 2 to make card
‌ 3)Now cut it into the drawn shape making sure a few inches of the bottom, up, left and right side are uncut. Now open it slowly. The card has taken a beautiful shape.
Step 3 to make card

4) Now take colorful papers and cut it in your preferred shape of flowers etc.

Step 4 to make card
5) Now place the cut sheets onto the first page of the card and write “happy new year 2018” with colorful pens.

Step 5 to make card

6)It’s time to write your new year message on other pages. Decorate it with a few more colorful flowers.

Step 6 to make card

Congratulations! Your DIY new year surprise card is already. It would definitely bring a wide smile on the face of the people you love. I can’t wait to give it to my lovelies. What about you?

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