102 Not Out: Entertaining yet encouraging movie

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The film which is an upcoming movie i.e,  102 Not Out is very entertaining and encouraging too.  102 Not Out movie indicates that age is only a number. When we know that the two fascinating actors of Bollywood Hindi film will again meetup in one movie after 27 years, then we know that something superb is really taking shape. That two fascinating actors are Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor which are in the lead roles in 102 Not Out and done various hits movies in the Bollywood and have various awards for their films, they united and done their first film in 1991 which named as Ajooba. Now again, they are back after so long and it is worth to wait. 102 Not Out brings them in the role of father and son.

102 Not Out

Umesh Shukla directed this movie, previously he had made a  renowned and alluring film named as Oh my God.

In 102 Not Out movie, Big B represents himself as a 102-year-old father and plays an idealistic old man with high expectations, Kapoor plays his 75-year-old child who has acknowledged his old age and is a discouraged man.

In this film, the father later chooses to send his child to an old age home. He also writes a love letter to his son’s wife as Rishi Kapoor’s character is too boring to be romantic.  A love letter 102 Not Outwritten by Kapoor is in Hindi, but not exactly in Hindi, that love letter referred by   Big B. Thus, the trailer filled with light moments and funny and clever jokes.


102 Not Out

 Arijit Singh sang the first song for Big B in 102 Not Out movie named as “Bachche ki Jaan”. The song was literally an enthusiastic, fun and awesome,  you can see Big B being a delightful crazy.  Hiral Brahmbhatt wrote this song and composed by Salim and Sulaiman Merchant.

Another song is “Badumbaa“. Both Big B and Rishi Kapoor sang this song. Big B raps in the song. The Badumbaaa is a perfect entertainer song, it starts with a bright set and fetching beats to freaky dance moves and entertaining lyrics.

The movie 102 Not Out will release on May 4, 2018. If you miss the trailer for 102 Not Out, you can watch here:

The scenes including Bachchan and Kapoor are very interesting and clever. The movie 102 Not Out give assurance to have some enthusiastic moments as well.

102 Nit Out

Why watch?

Bollywood industry which usually concentrates on specific area i.e, ‘masala’ films, it is uncommon to see movies that made related to old age and parental connections, but this 102 Not Out movie is slightly different from others, so you must watch this movie.

In the past also, Bachchan and Kapoor proved that they are brilliant in their comedic and emotional acting roles. It is very reviving to watch Big B in a comedic role as he his doing this role after so long time.

So you should definitely watch this movie and feel refreshing while watching these two fascinating actors again in this movie.

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