Must watch Indian web series in your 20s.

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While Bollywood filmmakers are trying their best to please Indian energy driven audience with millions of investment some amateur fresh ideas are coming up in the form of web series, implemented in the much lesser budget. These series are easily accessible on the internet and a must watch for every Indian. And what better place to find it than Youtube? All of these web series are available on youtube which is totally free and worth your attention.

TVF Pitchers - web series
TVF Pitchers

Pitchers is based on the four young professionals who gradually drop out of their very well paid job to pursue their dreams of a startup. This story is about dreams, passion, determination, relationships, priorities, sacrifices and everything in between. The story is about living up to the entrepreneurial spirit.  It has received much love and tops the list to IMDB’s top 250 tv series list,

Bang Baaja Baaraat web series
Bang Baaja Baaraat

Bang Baaja Baarat is about a young couple who struggle to get hitched due to the cultural differences between their respective families. The episodes show their journey of lavish wedding rituals tops up with family pressure.

Permanent Roommates web series
Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates shows the journey of a young couple who makes it through their imperfections, a long distance relationship, living in together and uniting their family for their marriage.

MAN’s WORLD web series

The story revolves around the story of a fictional guy who starts to live in a matriarchal society and the issue faced by them. The episodes touch sensitive issues hilariously which rightly shows what today’s world is all about from a female’s perspective.

TVF Tripling web series
TVF Tripling

This story is about three siblings who embark on a trip together while struggling with their own battles of life. The story gives an insight into the urban rat race. This trip helps them to introspect and bring them closer. This is a perfect blend of the importance of family, love, life, struggles.

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