6 Most Happening Hotels of the World that is Every Tourist’s Dream

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I bet you wish that you had immense money to take that one dream break that you always dreamt of! It could be expensive but, not impossible. You need to attract the energies of the Universe to make this dream of staying at one of these hotels come true. Keep viewing their images and reading about them until you find a way out.

I have gathered a list of the top 5 hotels in the world that will drive you crazy. The features, ambiance, and location of these hotels won’t let you sleep as you would so wish to be here. These are every traveler’s dream.



6 Most Happening Hotels of the World that is Every Tourist’s Dream:

  1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi:

You will have your eyes stuck at this magical creation that is not only popular for its luxury, but also known for its magnificent architecture. The hotel consists of 40 meeting rooms and a collection of 394 rooms and suites. The alluring fountains, magnetic pools, and captivating spas are worldly pleasure that you can experience here. The special palace suite takes you back to the royal era of Sultans.

  1. The Plaza, New York:

With luxury at its par, The Plaza is one of the top swanky hotels in the world. Find yourself dining with the VIPs most of the year. The kitchen is fully equipped with the finest of menus; a grand piano awaits your presence, and a fully equipped gymnasium seeks your company. The hotel’s presence in New York has increased the city’s beauty by ten times more.

  1. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, France:

The gorgeous hotel exists in the stunning location of France. The property consists of 117 rooms and two separate villas with luxury loaded. It is scattered across with landscaped gardens, tennis courts, breathtaking spa, and more surprises… The owners have made no compromise on its look. One of the best features about the hotel is that the guests arrive by sailing on a boat as it is surrounded by water.

  1. Belmond Hotel, Italy:

The hotel is a dream turned true of every man who wishes for a perfect breakfast in a perfect ambience. The light sunlight, soothing waves, shady roofs, and wooden chairs mean a lot for anyone who has been through a rough year.  Don’t be surprised if you see a glamorous staff attending you. Well, that’s not all! Get seated under the shade of lemon trees on an open terrace that offers you panoramic views of the hotel. It’s a wonderful property with 67 spacious rooms and romantic suites over 5 floors.

  1. Laucala Island, Fiji:

This 3500 acre land is a paradise on earth. It is owned by two multi-millionaire tycoons, Red Bull’s owner and Malcolm Forbes. The natural private island is turned into a heaven for travelers. The hotel has an outdoor spa in a jungle styled theme, stable of horses, oodles of pools, and a dive center with submarine. Each guest feels that he owns the island for the lovely hospitality provided. Imagine sipping the glass of your favorite martini, enjoying fresh and warm banana cake and experiencing the scenic beauty.

  1. Amansara, Cambodia:

Originally built by a French guy, Amansara is a real treat for the VIP guests or those who have a heavy wallet. The building is popular in the world’s list of famous hotels due to its signature construction. It has 12 luxurious suites with terraced floors, sandstone sittings, and private courtyard. If you are seeking a perfect balance of mid-century architecture with a 10th century lifestyle, this hotel is a perfect deal!

I know it becomes too irresistible to control the cravings and desires of being in places like these. Keep your hopes high and goals determined. I wish you all the best!


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