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What you should know  about bathing your dog

Bathing a pet dog can be a task sometimes, as any pet parent would let you know. While some dogs love the water, some absolutely detest it and can make a real scene around bath time. However, bath times are usually a great way to bond with your pet, and if you manage it right, you can defeat your dog’s fear of the water to make a fab way of spending quality time together. Giving your dog a bath can be a fun activity for both you and your pet if you keep some basic pointers in mind:

Bathing your dog doesn't have to be difficult!
Bathing your dog doesn’t have to be difficult!

Make regular baths a habit:

Bathing your dog regularly doesn’t mean you should every week. Contrary to popular perception, dogs don’t need to bathed that often. They only need to bathed often enough to remain clean. Your dog’s skin secretes important emollients that can get stripped off if you bathe him too often, leaving his coat dry and lusterless. You know you need to wash your dog when you run your hand through his fur and it turns dirty or grimy.

Invest in a good Shampoo:

Use a PH balanced dog shampoo for your dog, and steer clear away from human shampoos, antiseptic solutions and anything else. The PH of a dog’s skin is lower than that of human skin so dogs are actually allergic to both human shampoos and human antiseptics. It makes them break out into a rash and can sometimes cause dermatitis. Dogs are also allergic to household floor cleaners so using a non-toxic, home-made, vinegar-based floor cleaner is best for your pet.

Make Bath time a happy time for your dog!
Make Bath time a happy time for your dog!

Equip yourself for the task:

Employ the right tools to make your job easier. Use a rubber mitt instead of your bare hands, and if your dog has dry hair use a conditioner or an oil. Some dogs do like having an oil massage before a shampoo- and if you plan to give your dog one, make sure he isn’t going to get oil on your sofa and on your floor! To detangle your dog’s hair, you can use a wide toothed comb or a brush. Use a hose with a showerhead, especially around your dog’s face. A soft towel is always welcome and a hair dryer would also come in handy.

Keep water out of his ears:

If your dog gets water in his ears, it can cause severe irritation and may even lead to an infection and bacterial growth. Floppy eared dogs are particularly bothered by this. After bathing your dog, gently wipe his outer ear with the edge of a towel.

Caring of dogs
Caring for dogs


Keep soap out of his eyes: Soap in your dog’s eyes can agitate him, and may even put them off baths for life. To avoid this, always make sure no soap gets into your dog’s eyes while you’re washing his face. Gently pat his face dry once you’re done.

Dry your dog: Use a soft towel to dry your dog. Gently rub him your dog down all over with it. Your dog may still be a little damp despite the towel-drying but you can let him out of the house to dry in the sun, or set your hairdryer on Cool and dry him in five minutes instead.

Take your Dog Out: Because of all that water splashing around plus the excitement of having a bath can be too much for your dog to handle, he might want to be let out for a leak after he’s been given a bath. Never forget to take your dog out after a bath, unless you want him wetting your sofa or suffering in silence. Take him out when he’s semi dry, and he could dry himself while on his walk.

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