Venezuela crisis: Deadly Clashes

8 months ago Global Daily Tribune . 0

At least 10 deaths were reported because the Venezuela’s election was been disrupted by violence. The situation is really worsting in Venezuela. The people who lost their life includes an opposition youth leader, a soldier and a pro-government candidate. The government wants a new constituent assembly to override congress and rewrite the new constitution.

The opposition says that the votes were boycotted and the power is being grabbed by President Nicolas Maduro. This is the only way to restore peace after the protests of months and also the political stalemate between the opposition controlled National Assembly and the government, says President Nicolas Maduro.


Venezuela also faces mounting international criticism over the elections and the US said on Sunday it was considering the further sanctions then. There were so many clashes across the country with police. When voting was under process on Sunday morning, anti protestors took to the streets in spite of the government ban. Two teenagers and a soldier from National Guard was been shot dead in the western state of Tachira. Prosecutors said Ricardo Campos, a youth secretary was also been shot dead.


Electoral Commission says that 8 million people voted on Sunday. Maduro does not have much support. His approval rating is about 20 %. Maduro has created a few of concessions during a bid to take away tensions- moving captive opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez to accommodate arrest, and agreeing to a hold a vote on the new constitution once redrafted. However, this isn’t almost about the constituent assembly.

Economic collapse, a number of the world’s highest rates of violent crime associated an increasing sense of lawlessness have brought the country to its knees – and now, it seems, the opposition has scented blood.

Just prior the vote, adult male Maduro prohibited protests, and declared that initial task of the constituent assembly will be to jail opposition “terrorists”.