Confessions of a makeup lover

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We all adore the idea of a presentable outlook no matter how good looking or average personality we have.In today’s era, we find average women bringing their personality in light through their professional skills as well as a confident outlook.No matter what kind of choices we possess, all girls love makeup!!

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The use of too much makeup might give a bland outlook because “less is more” is the mantra so keeping the elegance intact and breaking the stereotypes that working females can also love makeup just as every other girl out there.Balancing the work life with the personal life throughout might be tiring and gives us the limitation of time.In order to overcome the time crisis, girls always look for a quick makeup fix that does not take much time to apply and stays for a long time.Is this really hurting their skin in some way?yes, it is.Makeup that lasts longer have coarse chemicals so one should use it only during an emergency. A little touch up every now and then does not hurt.

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picture courtesy- American model Gigi Hadid, brand ambassador of Maybelline Newyork.

From Supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner who have brought their own brand of cosmetics to the market and a new evolution of makeup has been witnessed.Trendsetters are drifting from just casual lip balms to long-lasting lip colour swatches.Women are excited to know the new trending lip shade and the story of that killing winged eyeliner.

1.There are multiple brands in the market to choose from but according to a new study, we should use sulphur and zinc free products for our skin especially.

2.If we already have sensitive skin, then consulting a skin specialist might be a preventive measure for the safety of skin and to prevent any allergies that might occur, however.

3.Keep a handy makeup wipe set wherever you go especially if that relates to an event or meeting where the makeup needs to last for a long time.

4.Always applying moisturizer before any kind of products application is absolutely required.

5.Following the regime of choosing one tone, lighter lip shade or foundation shade than your normal skin tone might ease the problem of haphazard selection of colours.