Winter bells: skin care regime to get glowing skin

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                                           Winter bells: skin care regime to get glowing skin

The month of January has already arrived and end of winters isn’t nearing. While some of us are busy working in our lives, some just booze around and party for it’s a brand new year. A new year doesn’t just bring a change in the year but it changes the way we look at things. The new year gives us fresh hopes and resolutions and happiness. Amidst the elation and celebration, we are likely to overlook ourselves.

Taking a good care of skin is indispensable, especially in winters irrespective of the schedule you are into. Our quality of skin reflects our personality. Glowing skin not only makes us charismatic it also enhances our self-confidence.

And for this, you don’t actually need to spend a hefty amount on parlors. In fact, little changes in your lifestyle would make a lot of difference in the way your skin responds. So, to make it easier for you, we bring you a list of things you can do at home to make sure your skin is nurtured and it glows even in winters without having to invest in parlors.

  • Wipeout

Always carry wet tissues with you wherever you go. Use it while having a break from work or while returning home or while leaving home or whenever skin feels tired. Wet tissues contain the drops of rose water which works wonders for your skin if used regularly.

Winter bells : skin care regime to get glowing skin

How to apply: Take out one tissue from the pouch and wipe out your face, neck or any exposed area softly.

Wet tissues hack: It can be used as a makeup remover as well. Before applying/ reapplying your makeup make sure to wipe out the deep-seated dirt.

  • Hydrate

No matter whether you are thirsty or not, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Always stay hydrated. Your skin needs inner nourishment that cannot be taken by anything but water.

Winter bells : skin care regime to get glowing skin

Water hack: to make water drinking session less boring, you may add a few drops of lime juice or mint leaves into it too. It would give a taste of water and lemon would detoxify your digestive system.

  • Moisturize

Winter bells : skin care regime to get glowing skin

Dry skin is one of the common consequences of winters. To eradicate it make sure you moisturize your skin every few hours especially before going to bed.

Moisturizing hack: Take 2tbsp  olive oil, warm it in a low flame and apply onto your skin before going to bed. Your skin would wake up smiling.

  • Mask it

Winter bells : skin care regime to get glowing skin

Mix honey and rose water and apply onto your skin for 30 minutes at least twice a week. This would prevent your skin from dryness and would add an impeccable glow.

Inculcate the above few habits in your lifestyle because nothing should stop you from being the illuminator that you are!



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