Fashion hacks: A few tips to guide your everyday look.

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Hello ladies! So, before we get started there is something I would like to emphasize on. What is “fashion”? The most usual answers I would get here would be the same. Some of you would agree that fashion is all about following what’s trending. Invariably, some of you would say wearing those stilettoes with a short party dress is fashion. We follow all our fashion icons and try to be a fashionista. But, there is this one thing that no one tells you about fashion, which is “ fashion is not what the world is getting crazy over, fashion is about feeling confident, comfortable and sensuous’’. Fashion hacks help you get the look you want without much effort being put into it.

What’s the point in wearing those high heels in your college party when you can’t carry yourself off impeccably? No matter what the world is doing. Do what appeals to you.

Fashion Hacks

So, here are a few fashion hacks to rock that everyday look.

  • Wear any dark shades of red lipstick with your black dress (any).
  • Always apply slight moisturizer or coconut oil onto your lips before applying lipstick. It would prevent your lips from being dry, cracked and chapped. The applied lipstick would do wonders here.
  • Practice walking in high heels at home. If there is even a slight chance of you being uncomfortable or conscious about it, ditch those heels. If the pair of heels is not comfy, it would bring your self-confidence down. You would rather turn off that crush of yours at the college in spite of impressing them.
  • Create a different look by adding a chunky neck piece with your regular plain top.
  • Use a hair straightener to iron your collar.
  • Tuck in that old flared jeans into boots.
  • Apply conditioner while shaving off your leg’s hair.
  • Tie together the bra straps and the outfit’s shoulder area with a hook or by a safety pin from inside to prevent neck dropping and strap showing.

These fashion hacks should help you rock your look and make you feel good about yourself. This could help to impress the crush that you have been wanting to impress for a long time or rock your appearance for that interview that you have always been wanting to crack.

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