Gigi Hadid Walked the runway with One Missing Shoe?

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Gigi Hadid is a famous American model she consequently proved herself at Anna Sui’s Fashion Show on Monday night. The model walked at NewYork Fashion Week confidently down wearing gold sequins dress, pink feather-lined coat and hair tousled, Hadid wore a black tight sock and with that a golden heels-with a closer look without “one shoe that was missing”.

Gigi Hadid with one shoe
Gigi Hadid with One Missing  Shoe


“Did it get lost backstage? Is this a new trend ?or did it break last minute?” -question popping your mind.

When you’re such a pro and lose your show at the catwalk and walk like fire so that no one even notices you that’s incredible!!! From an ideal point of view having a forsake on the runway especially when your worldwide famous and topped modeled and when “All eyes are on you“. Gigi was an extreme strut and gave a positive attitude on this incident. Likewise, there is an incident which thereby occurred at the fashion show.

Gigi Hadid commented herself “As a cool customer for the Anna Sui’s catwalk

Bella Haddi And Gigi Haddi
Bella Hadid And Gigi Haddi

As the Vogue cover girl for the summer collection 2018, Gigi closed the show in the second look because her stiletto strap on the right foot came loose.she thereby took herself up on the runway but this was crucial for any model walking on the runway without a shoe. Positively she kept her height and her eyeliner with the photographer’s rise and walked the whole show on her toes-meaning not only the collection would look different but also the attendees who couldn’t see her feet would see no difference.

This was not Hadid’s first battle at the fashion show. But the only clue comes to the head is when Hadid appeared at the finale without a shoe the show was brightened playfully by Bella Hadid her younger sister who was also walking for the same show was on hand to save the day yesterday night in 12th September 2017. During the finale of Newyork fashion week, these girls knew how to poke at themselves but also professionalism and positivity was flowing into their blood



Who needs a Prince Charming when you have a loving sister at your back?

Gigi Haddi missing shoe at the runway

A lot can go wrong but these girls proved that no matter what they would face and win all battles in the fashion industry or would do anything-missing shoe included.

Gigi Haddi walked the runway without one heels?
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Gigi Haddi walked the runway without one heels?
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