B.Zarina at New York fashion week.

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New York fashion week has been a hot potato since its inception in the year 1943.  Being one of the top fashion weeks in the world this seven to ten days event collects a lot of paparazzi.

In the recently held New York fashion week a new brand B.Zarina showcased their first collection of luxury modest wear, which featured hizab, evening gowns, jumpsuits and their signature cardigans.

B.Zarina is not just another brand but an idea presenting the modest fashion of modern women with a pinch of western touch.  Sister Shazia and Kulsoom co-founded B.Zarina in 2015, the culmination of their lifetime passion for modest, modern clothing.  Their line was launched with the goal of creating modest clothing with a high quality of materials.

Fans of luxury modest fashion were not disappointed by this year’s New York’s Fashion Week when B.Zarina ‘s line took the runway on 10th of February.  The “Embellished Modesty” collection was made with soft, flowing, intricately embroidered materials with styles inspired by the traditional clothing worn by Afghan Women but with a modern twist.

B.Zarina at New York Fashion week

The black clothes of these fashionable pieces were enhanced with metallic touches, lace, long silhouettes, rich colours, and hand-embroidered designs, making them the perfect choices for today’s modest queens. This collection also featured stunning head coverings that are the perfect addition to any luxury modest fashion wardrobe.

Fashion week

Sisters Shazia and Kusoom perfectly blended their 15 years of experience in modest fashion industry along with their passion. Their goal is to create a number of fashionable options for women who prefer a modest style while keeping their pieces affordable.

modest fashion industry

The collection B. Zarina presented at New York Fashion Week was their first luxury modest wear collection. It included luxury embroidered head coverings, fully beaded gowns, silk jumpsuits, silk midi dresses, and lace cardigans. All of their pieces are priced under $250 and will be available on their website BZarina.com

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