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                                                                           Train Your Brain by Shruti Goel 

” Vedas are beliefs and Sanskrit is wide,

You depend only on them to lose the versatility of life.”

The brain is the second most required element in this world, the first one ironically being the money. Larger brain or huge memory is a blessing for a human being. We all want that we remember every small to big details, older incidents and most importantly the basics of studies. For this very purpose, many solutions keep on evolving through social media and emails.

Recently an observation was done by a neuroscientist, Dr James Hartzell in which he evolved the term “The Sanskrit effect”. He says that, the size of the brain regions associated with memory increases by memorizing the Vedic mantras. According to Indian tradition, rigorously memorizing and chanting the mantras enhances the memory and increases the power of thinking. Shukla Yajurveda is considered as a memory booster and is believed to have a long-term effect.Parts of brain associated with memory

Parts of a Brain:

There are different individual parts of the brain responsible for holding the memory. A region called the grey matter of the brain is full of neuron cells. It supervises the tasks like muscle control, senses, perception, memory, emotions, decision making, and speech.  Another region known as white matter connects with the grey matter and as a result, carries the signals to it. A small organ is located within the central region, known as the hippocampus. Its work is to control and regulate emotions related to memory. Hippocampus has front and back sections. The back portion supports recollection of memory and associated with a good memory. Also, the Cortex which is the outermost layer surrounds the brain. It is responsible for higher thinking processes like decision making.

Many observations were done by the Indo-Italian team of researchers at National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) at Haryana. They say that the ones who have a practice of reciting Shukla Yajurveda since years have denser grey matter and a thicker cortex rather than the ones who did not. Basically, a regular practice made them achieve this. This property of their brains was merely due to memorizing and rigorous practice. It is not just the matter of “Sanskrit” and one does not need to attach a special power with Shukla Yajurveda. Even the Christian monks who chanted the Gregorian Chants have an exceptional memory.

It does not need to be a verbal and continuous chanting, but can also be a matter of visual and special training. A person can easily enhance his memory by learning a special course and getting proper knowledge of a particular subject. A perfect example of the state is what we studied in primary schools, remains with us forever, as they are the basics. We learned mathematical tables early in school but we still recall them at a shopping store instantly. We can train our memory by exercising the brain anytime and at any age during our life. Memory trainees have increased cortical thickness capable of controlling their decisions and actions.

“There are no age boundaries to learn”

Train Your Brain
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Train Your Brain
Learning is not at all age bound and there is no shortcut to increase your memory. Depending upon holy chants and devoting oneself religiously is not at all required.
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