Twitter’s Chief executive Jack Dorsey ‘resets’ with 10 days of silence.

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Twitter came into existence 11 years ago and became one of the most loved social networking platforms where people would share their opinions or messages known as ‘tweets’, responses follow against each tweet came to known as ‘retweet’. It was founded by a team of four people, one of them being the present CEO ‘ Jack Dorsey ’.

Jack Dorsey is extremely active on twitter and often seen posting his views. Jack Dorsey is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who has founded ‘Square’, a mobile payments company as well. On the eve of the new year, Jack Dorsey tweeted, “ Just finished a 10 day silent meditation. Wow, what a reset! Fortunate & grateful I was able to take the time. Happy New Year! 🙂  ”.

Mr. Jack Dorsey embraced a 10-day silent retreat at the end of 2017. Mr. Jack Dorsey is a workaholic and a frequent meditator. But, his love for the meditations at this level took his Twitter followers by storm. He is praised for his perseverance.

Jack Dorsey, who actively posts several times a day, signed off on twitter during his refreshment period.

We have unending chaos surrounding us. We should undoubtedly spare at least a few minutes of our daily lives meditating, apart from the cumulative chaos and hullabaloo outside. Vipassana meditation is an old age technique in which the participants meditate without uttering a word. It’s a hardcore mental detox and can do wonders for the mental health of an individual. Its overall benefits are overwhelming. It is changing lives of people all over the world by its countless benefits.

 Mr.Dorsey is sure flaunting some life-changing goals at the start of this year which would surely be adopted by so many of his followers.

Be In Yourself - Jack Dorsey

We hereby at global daily tribune wish you a year full of sound health and we hope you would take steps to take a good care of yourselves by adopting suitable habits.

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