“In sickness and in health”- Wedding vows created realism

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Wedding season is on its way and we are all excited to witness the ultimate “happily ever after” of real-life couples and of course the whole package of joy and awaited get together that comes with weddings. The thing about marriage lies in the truth of the vows taken for a lifetime promise between two individuals. The matter that sustains, in the long run, is our health and it plays a major role in the emergence of a successful professional and married life in the coming days. Our wedding vows itself stresses on the fact that –“I shall bestow my care and look after both in sickness and health” embarking a stronger commitment to each other forever bonded in matrimony.

in sickness and health wedding vows

The question is “Do we really maintain our vows?” In difficult situations of our life, we are faced with two options “flight or fight?”. When we choose flight, we run away from the problem but it is just a temporary remedy to provide self-consolation and later feeling guilty towards such decisions might happen. Therefore, it is immensely necessary to take good care of our health especially if we are obliged to maintain the promises to our loved ones.

family and health

Neglecting health is like neglecting your own life on earth and losing the purpose of your existence. When your spouse or family members or friends stand by you during your sickness, they might be giving you the necessary time and attention that you need but maybe it is time to “Be the pilot of your own life” without any dependence on anyone as long and as far as we can.

the greatest wealth is health

People having chronic problems might miss the time they could have led a different by just living it a tad differently and maybe by adding changes in their daily habits and exercise routine.

Few health tips that we must follow in our everyday habits to change the way we look at life:-

1.Drink sufficient water early in the morning to drive out any toxin that might have accumulated.

drink water to make health


2.Morning walk is better than checking your phone for unnecessary texts(p.s. if it is not emergency, bunk it)

3.You might want to limit your phone usage and talk to your spouse or friends or family members in person.

4.Regular health checkups is an absolute necessity.

"In sickness and in health"- Wedding vows created realism

5.Do not use any gadgets while working out in the gym or doing yoga at your home.

6.Limit the intake of fatty foods that only adds to cholesterol.

7.Do not be overstressed about kinds of stuff that is going to bother you temporarily but can cause permanent health damage. Consult a doctor, if need be.

"In sickness and in health"- Wedding vows created realism

8.Most importantly, spend time with your loved ones more than with gadgets. It has healing impacts. (p.s. adopt a pet if possible).