Food Delivery through Drones in Lucknow

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You love food but delivery is too slow in Lucknow due to traffic? Have you ever faced the situation that you are waiting for the ordered food so long and when it arrives it is not warm because of late delivery and that is due to traffic? So don’t worry now. Delivery through drones will also reduce the pollution that is caused by two wheelers. As the founder of Online Kaka has been working on the food delivery through drones. This would be the first food delivery through drones in Lucknow that is “The City of Nawabs” or even in North India and the second firm in India.


Online Kaka was founded in 2016 by Mohd Bilal, 23 and Ahad Arshad, 22, and they have been working on the project of delivering food through drones over last one year. Online Kaka founders are also trying to get approval from the authorities so that they can implement their project. The Letter has been sent by them for the approval. The Civil Aviation Ministry is also waiting for the approval of Government.

Ahad said that they were forced to think a new delivery system because the food was delivered late to the customers and customers were not happy with that. The delivery was late due to traffic and of course the construction of Metro. He also said that they are having four food hubs that are in Hazartganj, Chowk, Mahanagar, and Aminabad. The drones will take food from the restaurants and will provide directly to the customers.


Bilal added that this strategy is now implemented in some locations as the drones cannot fly where there are a lot of trees.

The video was shared on the company’s Facebook page of the drone delivering eatables which were successful. The company says that they are now working on to improve the holding capacity of the drones.

Drone Delivery by Onlinekaka !

Drone Delivery Concept by Onlinekaka !#TheFutureIsHere #Onlinekaka #Lucknow

Posted by OnlineKaka on Wednesday, 5 July 2017