Advantages Of Real Wood Cabinets

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Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in your home. It is normally the busiest room, where your family can take a break from their busy lives. Debating what type of design to go with for your new wood cabinets? This is a question most people are faced with when having a new kitchen in their home. The most popular choice is wood, but why?

wood cabinets in kitchen
Wood cabinet in kitchen

Firstly, what are your other options besides wood? Cabinets that are not made of wood are normally made of laminate. Many are made to the look like wood but what they cannot duplicate is the durability. Synthetic materials for cabinets are usually only the best option if you are working with a very limited time frame or budget. Wood cabinets have a certain look to them; they are not only beautiful but classic. Real wood cabinets will add value to your home.

Wood is flexible and can be used in many ways in terms of shape, design, and color. The durability of real wood cabinets is second to none. High-end woods are extremely durable and known to last for many years. There are many types of wood to choose from when looking at designing your new kitchen, they vary in cost, appearance, and durability. Wood can be painted any colour to suit your taste.

Some of the types of wood you may want to consider for your kitchen cabinets include:

  • Maple: This grainy lightwood has a very consistent colour base. It is especially popular if you plan to paint your cabinets a solid color.
  • Oak: A medium to light coloured wood. This type of wood has natural knots and other streaks in it.
  • Pine: This softwood is known to incur dents more than other types of hardwoods, although it is still commonly used for cabinets. The knots found in this type of wood work well for the country and traditional style kitchens.

Always remember you don’t have to keep with the colour of the wood you select, if you fancy a change in the future, there are stains and paints available, so you can easily give them a cheap makeover. If you do choose to have solid wood cabinets, not only will you have warm feel in your kitchen, but you’ll also have cupboards that require little maintenance. Solid wood is also a warmer option than almost any of the other surfaces on the market. Irrespective of which species, colour or grade of wood you decide to opt for, wood has a natural warmth that’s pretty much impossible to beat, no matter where you choose to purchase your cabinets from.

wood cabinets in kitchen
Incredible Kitchen with Wood Cabinets

When it comes to the maintenance of your solid wood cabinets, they will require nothing more than a damp cloth, and a little detergent.

Overall, solid wood remains the number one choice, if what you’re looking for is high-quality cabinets, that continue to look great year after year. Although solid wood cabinets are often the more expensive option, they are long lasting, money well spent.

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