Why Should I Render My Exterior Wall?

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Why should I render my exterior wall?

Turning a shabby and tired looking home into a smooth 5* looking showpiece can only be transformed through rendering. Rendering acts as a facelift for the house, adding a touch of glow so that the house stands out from the rest– which ideally everyone wants! That’s one of the reasons why one should get their exterior wall rendered; as it enhances the beauty of the actual house and changes the overall appearance.

Randering of Exterior Wall
Man rendering a exterior wall

Rendering your property in return adds value to the property itself! That is simply because of the makeover it has had through rendering as it is more attractive and appealing to the eyes of people.

Another reason why rendering is actually a benefit to anyone’s house is that it eliminates the penetration of moisture so that no thermal bridging can take place and enter the inner home. At Rendacoat, a clear wall coating system is efficiently used that has been developed using the latest Nanotechnology. The system protects and acts as a thermal barrier to the stone and brick properties by sealing the exterior of the building and still allowing it to breathe. This is known as microporous’. The protective coating penetrates the external layer of the building and forms a water-resistant barrier by up to 17mm. This is vital in every house because if water did happen to enter the inner part of the house, it can be very harmful to the health of people and can cause all sorts of illnesses which no one really wants.

rendering of Exterior Wall
rendering repairs to exterior walls

Furthermore, rendering helps to add that extra heat layer to the house where on certain days, heating doesn’t necessarily have to be on, even when it is a little chilly outside because that extra layer has essentially removed that extra coldness that was caused by not having the exterior wall rendered. This can also help you to save on energy bills.

Rendering your exterior wall is important as it adds protection to your house. The typical British weather remains constantly dull and cloudy throughout the day and suddenly it turns into the hottest day. This can cause the gaps between the brickwork to crack because of the fluctuation of the climate and therefore, look disorganized and make the gaps become even bigger; making the house look like a big fat mess.

That is why rendering the exterior wall is very important so that the building remains intact and at Rendacoat, the quality of the products we provide are so good that we offer a 15-year guarantee on all projects we undertake.

Living in a busy and prominent location can actually sometimes deter people from buying that particular property. No one really wants to go to sleep to the sounds of many cars on a busy road or trains constantly passing on railway tracks. This is when it’s a good reason to add that extra layer of insulation to the exterior building, as it reduces and maybe cuts out all that disturbing noise that can be heard from inside the house so everyone can remain rest assured.

This article was written by Rebecca Fearn with helpful information from Rendacoat. Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass that loves eating amazing food in fantastic places.

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