These 7 Little Surprises will make your Girl’s Day!

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It’s a universal fact that girls are more emotional and expressive in love than boys. It is time to show them how expressive can you be in love with your girl. I have some amazing ideas to surprise your girl and she will fall for you for life. These 7 Little surprises will make your Girl’s Day!

7 Little Surprises to Make Your Girl’s Day:

  1. Love note trails:

It is one of the cutest ways to express how much you love your princess. Leave love note trails for her with certain hints for a cuddly surprise. She is going to love you for this cute little surprise. Do it when she is about to return to you after her college.

  1. Scented candles and flowers:

Most girls are crazy after scented candles and fresh flowers. Buy her these things more often, so that she knows how much you value her smile in your life. Try to get her favorite flowers and scents every now and then. Plan a weekend for a candlelight dinner with her. Instead of giving her a bunch of flowers together, give her one by one with a love message attached.

  1. Fetch her in surprise:

Surprise her by fetching her from the workplace or college. To add more thrill, take her for lunch and drop her back to her parents. Any girl would love her man to do this. Girls usually love to flaunt about their love relation and their boyfriend to other friends. She will feel blessed to have you in her life for sure.

  1. Play guitar for her:

After you are done with the romantic dinner, play guitar for her. Learn to play her favorite song on guitar and surprise her with this cute little gesture. Believe me; your girl will be in tears of love for you. You may list down her favorite songs and play it for her when you both are alone. If you don’t know to play the guitar, you may ask the DJ to play her favorite number in the club.

  1. Burn CD of her favorite tracks:

Burn a CD of her favorite songs and take her for a drive. Keep the cd up so that she plays it by herself. She will be amazed to know that the cd is playing only her favorite tracks. This cute little expression is going to bring a broad smile on her.

  1. Take her for shopping:

Aah! Girls are crazy for shopping. I don’t think there is any girl who would hate to do that. Take your girlfriend for shopping and let her buy her most desired perfume or cosmetics. She is going to love you for this and give you a long kiss. If you don’t want her to spend much, then the best option is to keep some cash as a surprise in her purse and let her open it.

  1. Make her breakfast:

Make nice breakfast for her and serve her in bed. Awake her with gentle kisses on her forehead and caress her hair. I am sure she is going to thank you for the rest of her life for this pleasant surprise. You don’t have to be a trained chef to prepare a delicious breakfast, a simple egg omelet toast and a glass of milk or tea would be more than enough.

Follow these tips to make your princess feel special in your love relation. These ideas do not need much of money or efforts to let her feel special. You may do these by all your love and she will understand. If you enjoyed reading this article, share it with your friends now.

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