These 7 Reasons Will Convince You to Pack Your Bags for Gujarat

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If you haven’t explored the areas of Gujarat yet in relation to tourism, then you are missing a great deal! Gujarat is the place for explorers and god believers. The astounding beaches, architectural monuments, and breathtaking temple constructions give you many reasons to be here. The list doesn’t end there; you have museums, shopping centers, ashrams, and plentiful of religious sites to explore. As a tourist, I have many

These 7 Reasons Will Convince You to Pack Your Bags for Gujarat:

  1. It’s peaceful environment:

Travel Peaceful Enivorment

Gujaratis are friendly people and they generally avoid being in disputes. Most societies in Gujarat live a peaceful life and its one of the reasons why travelers love to spend time here. Another reason for a peaceful ambiance is the list of temples built here. There is so much of spirituality and divinity in these temples.

  1. Safe for women:

Although, it’s difficult to comment which place is safe for women as they need to be alert of the safety rules everywhere, Gujarat is much safer to travel. You will find colorful nights of Navaratis and Garbas where gorgeous Gujarati girls deck up and dress to kill. Majority of women travel in groups and drive their own cars or scooty. Thus, you will find many women roaming even at nights.

  1. Lower crimes:

Gujaratis are strong believers in karmas and gods. They avoid doing evil crimes. Compared to other states, Gujarat is pretty safe in terms of crime and the crime rate is lower. You will hardly find anyone looting you. This is definitely a good thing for the travelers.

  1. Friendly people:

Like I said, Gujjus are friendly people and extremely helpful too. They are a bunch of fun to be around. They are known for their hospitality. If you ever go to a Gujarati’s house, they will never leave you without serving meals. Their meals are another talk of the town! Any typical gujarati thali consists of 3 vegetables, snacks, curd, mango juice, butter milk, daal, rice, rotis, and a sweet dish. Get ready; you are going to taste the best food ever! Don’t miss their sweet Gujarati Kadi and Dhoklas.

  1. Delicious food:

I can’t miss the point of talking about food without elaborating it in detail. Gujarat’s main highlight is the food! From khakras, dhoklas, fafdas, to ondhiyos, masala chai, and gujarati kadi, everything is delicious! Thinking about it only makes my mouth watery.

  1. Ethnic culture:

Gujarat is colorful; its ethnic culture will make you drool over the location with love. The colorful festivals, loud music, lively crowd, gorgeous women, and oodles of varieties for shopping are major excuses to plan a trip here. People love to go on fasting, perform rituals, and celebrate festivals on a grand scale.

  1. Tourist attractions:

Apart from all the points above, every traveler strives to know about the major tourist attractions to explore in Gujarat? Let me help you with a few top attractions loved by tourists:

  • Gir wildlife sanctuary
  • Mandvi beachside town
  • Dwarka, the place of Lord Krishna
  • Somnath temple
  • Girnar hill
  • Uparkot fort
  • Sun temple
  • Sabarmati Ashram (Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram)
  • Aina Mahal
  • Diu Fort
  • White Desert
  • Ratri Bazaar (also known as the Night Market)

There are many other places to explore and various activities to perform. I bet you won’t get bored for a day in Gujarat as there is so much to do.

If the travel bag already feels loaded with the above points, then you just need to add a few clothes for the final packing and get set go! Don’t forget to click pictures and share it on social media with your friends to know the beauty of Gujarat. I wish you have a pleasant and peaceful journey in Gujarat.





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