7 Things to Do Before You Plan Your Trip to Dubai

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You have finally decided to trip for one of the most attractive and happening tourist locations, Dubai. Glad you made it this far of planning but, there are certain things that you need to yet know and do. Irrespective of how flashy and colorful the city looks like, there are certain rules to follow as a tourist traveler there. Apart from the rules, the city’s luxurious shopping areas and pleasant climate make it a happening tourist location.

Dubai Trip


7 Things to Do Before You Plan Your Trip to Dubai:

  1. Time of your visit:

There are certain periods that assure you the best of memories spent in Dubai. You must plan your visit between October and April; these months have an ideal climate for the tourists. Rest of the months offers you a hot and humid climate to explore. You may also experience some light breeze and showers of rain during these tourist months. The period is perfect to hit the popular Dubai beaches.

  1. Save good amount to travel:

If you are traveling with kids, Dubai is loaded with five star hotels that offer you oodles of kiddie activities. You must save good money to stay in a luxury hotel over a normal. Even if you are traveling alone, you need sufficient cash in hands to shop, as that is what a tourist plans his trip for to Dubai. It’s a shopping hub for shopaholics!

  1. Check the availability of the hotels:

Dubai can get really busy during peak tourist season. Don’t forget to check the availability of your favorite hotels before you decide to book your tickets for Dubai. The prices of the rooms may also vary subject to availability of rooms. Check everything beforehand in order to avoid last minute delays.

  1. List down the importance places:

I bet you don’t wish to miss these! Don’t waste time in finding a travel guide who will help you explore the hit spots of Dubai. Explore the web and make a list of all those places you wish to see during your travel. Let me help you with a few major names; a visit to the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains, shopping at Dubai Mall, peaceful time at Etihad Museum, beautiful camel safari followed by dinner, Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, and The Walk at JBR. Even if you explore all these places in little time, there is yet so much to see in Dubai that one visit won’t be enough.

  1. The Dubai shopping festival:

Get the dates of Dubai’s major shopping festival before your trip. From apparels to gold; it rains heavily for the shoppers. The gold jewelry sold in Dubai is cheap and pure. Its an excellent opportunity to buy some gold beforehand for investment purposes. You will even get to shop from a range of excellent perfumes and cosmetics. Ladies, buckle up!

  1. Palm Jeremiah Island:

Do some homework on this magnificent place so that you don’t miss to see it in person. It’s a one of its kind man made islands in the shape of a palm tree. There are plenty of dining options with family and loved one. Enjoy a hostful of candlelight dinner with your partner.

  1. Understand the rules of traveling:

Although, Dubai is a popular tourist hub, there are certain rules that every traveler must follow. It would be wise to know these rules beforehand. Understand the type of clothing that is expected to be worn, especially for the ladies. You may need to seek permission before clicking pictures of museums or people.

I wish you a fantastic journey ahead and hope you make the most of your vacation time in Dubai.

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