Scuba Diving Destinations In India That You Must Visit

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If you have got a love for beach and adventure then scuba diving is a must in your bucket list. It’s a sport for all the people who love the adrenaline rush, gushing in their veins making the enthusiastic divers, explore the wonders deep within the sea and bring back amazing stories and sometimes even secrets hidden underwater.

scuba diving deep into the waters
diving deep into the waters

Before moving on to the best destinations for this sport in India lets walk through the health benefits of it.

scuba diving meeting with flora
meeting with flora

As expected to be a rigorous task scuba diving will need stamina so as to dive deep into the water. It improves the strength of the muscles as they are continuously in action. The increase in the use of entire muscles in the human body also leads to a better flexibility.  Not only it’s a great stress buster but also a perfect way to socialize: with people, with like minds and who share same interests. Being under the water also benefits the scuba divers to experience sunlight which otherwise is not received due to the busy schedule.  As mentioned before, it’s a great way to socialize and meet many new interesting people who enjoy the marine life, the same way as you do. There is an increased chance of making new friends underwater as well. With discovering new species and exploring the fauna and flora this sport is a great way to reduce your tension of everyday life. It has also been proven scientifically that an exposure to different wildlife has a positive effect on the human brain.

With that being said, let us move to the best destination in India to enjoy this breathtaking sport which shall leave you speechless and shall have a long lasting effect in your life.

  1. Havelock Island in Andaman: This tops the list as it serves the best possible experience for divers.  Of the many islands that constitute the union territory of India, Havelock island gives the marine lovers the best diving experience not only in India but divers around the globe. The most captivating thing about this place is the multi colored corals that can be found here. Corals ranging from small to big and of various colors. Much marine life can be explored here from Angler fish to starfish and sometimes if fortune favors then octopus as well.
  2. Goa: For the first time divers, Goa is the perfect place to hone your diving skills before jumping into the previously mentioned majestic place. The beginners can witness coral reefs and fishes of all kind which is an appropriate experience for the new divers. Although Goa is all about night life the waters there will definitely give a great boost to your new love for diving.
  3. Lakshadweep: Termed as the best diving spot by many, Lakshadweep offers it explores the best water which is crystal clear and is also filled with a variety of coral reefs which leaves everyone awestruck.  Composed of  36 islands this once again another union territory offers its visitors with everlasting memories and an aquatic view to remember.
  4. Pigeon Island in Karnataka: The greatest specialty of this island is that it is one of the deepest diving spots. With varied marine life starting from corals to sharks, turtles, starfish can be spotted here. The Arabian sea lets its adventure lovers explore its varied aquatic life. Located 19km from a town named Murudeshwara a popular site to visit whenever you plan a trip to Karnataka.
  5. Kovalam in Kerala: Moving towards to the south of India there is Kovalam beach which many might not know is also an excellent source for diving. If you are heading Kerala don’t forget to dive into the beautiful waters of the home of gods. This spot provides the divers with starfish, Ray fish,  jelly fish and of course numerous multi colored coral.

So, if you ever plan to make a scuba diving trip don’t forget to check these breathtaking destinations in India.